donderdag 25 september 2008

Sylvia Day - Heat of the night

Connor Bruce, the gorgeous blond Dream Guardian is now the new Captain of the elite, after former Captain and best friend Aidan Cross founds his soul mate and decided to escape their world to live in the human world. Now Conner discovers that Aidan is in danger from their Temple of the Elders and he knows that the only way to warn Aidan is not by dreams, but to enter the human world. Connor and second lieutenant Philip Wager decides that it will be best for Connor enter the mortal world, because of his relationship with Aidan, but once you enter the mortal plain, you never will be able to go back. When Connor shows up at the front door of Aidan Cross and Lyssa Bates, a beautiful woman answers the door.

Stacey Daniels is the best friend and employer of Lyssa Bates and right now she is housesitting while Aidan and Lyssa are on a little trip. After a long discussion with her fourteen-year-old son on the telephone, she is not expecting company. But when she opens the front door, a very hot and sexy man is greeting her, claiming to be Aidan’s best friend and demands to speak to him. The only thing for Stacey to do is call Lyssa and try to figure out if Connor speaks the truth.

Heat of the night by Sylvia Day is the second novel in her Dream Guardians series. This novel is hot and steaming, just like the previous one. Sylvia Day grabbed my attention from the moment I started reading. After reading a couple of her books, I can definitely say she knows how to write an erotic romance novel, there is firework between the main-characters and the love-scenes are hot and steamy.

The relationship between the main characters Stacey and Connor starts very fast, you can say right after they met at the front door of Lyssa’s house, but what do you expect from a Dream Guardian. The sparkles are flying around every time the two of them are near each other. Stacey is a strong determined woman and she knows exactly what she wants, but after meeting Connor she’s not so sure anymore. After some difficult relationships, she finds it hard to trust a man, especially the attractive ones. The only man in her life is her fourteen-year-old son and she would do anything to protect him. But she cannot ignore the huge attraction between Connor and her, so she decides to follow her heart and see what happens. But she is not the only one with doubts, Connor knows only the Dream realms and although he seduced a lot of women in their dreams, this is totally different. From the first moment he laid eyes on Stacey, he knows she is the one for him. The only thing to do is to convince her he will do anything for her and that he is going to stay…. forever.

Aidan Cross and Lyssa Bates are the second story line in this novel, both of them stole my heart in the previous novel and they keep continuing doing that. They reaction when they discover the relationship between Connor and Stacey really puts a smile on my face.

I’m curious to find out more about this storyline and hopes that the next novel will be Philip Wager and release soon. Because after reading the first two novels of the Dream Guardians, I want more…. where is my Dream Guardian?


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