woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Janet Chapman - Secrets of the highlander

More than thirty years ago the wizard Daar threw Greaylen MacKeage and a few other of his clan into the future to find their soul mates. Now Laird Greylen MacKeage has seven daughters and only two of them still unmarried.

Megan MacKeage has returned home to the mountains alone and pregnant. Wayne Ferris, the man she fell in love with and the father of her unborn baby dumped her when she told him about the child. The only thing Megan wants to do is find her own place to live and get a new job, but it is not simple when everyone around her is trying to set her up with the new sheriff Jack Stone.

Jack Stone is the new sheriff in town and has his own reason for accepting this job. Jack is none other that the man Megan knew as Wayne Ferris and he claims to follow her because he wants her back in his life. The reason why he sent her away in the first place was for her and the baby’s protection. And it seems that the danger has found her again.

Can Megan trust the man she still loves or will her own family secret destroy their relationship forever?

Secrets of the highlander by Janet Chapman is the sixth novel in her Pine Creek Highlander series and a good story. I’m a big fan of her highlander series, but I have to admit this book was not one of my favourites.

Jack Stone appears to be the man who dumped Megan when she told him she was carrying his child. He gave her no explanation and turns his back on her. Now a few months when Megan finally has her life in order, he is back in her life and wants her back. He claims that the only reason he sent her away was to protect her from the danger she was in, after all someone was murdered. Now the killer found her again and Jack is determined to save her and his unborn child.

I have to say Jack was not the alpha male I thought he would be, like all the male main-characters in the previous novels. In fact Jack is the opposites of the MacKeage or MacBain men; clumsy, shorter and more giving. The only thing he has in comment with the other men is the determination to keep his woman and child save.
I think Megan a lot stronger that Jack, although I believe she forgave Jack way too easily after the pain he cost her, when she told him about her pregnancy. Of course he only did that to protect her from the danger, but he could have found another way to do that.

The interactions between Megan and Kenzie were fabulous. I secretly hoped he would be her knight in shining armour. Kenzie has everything I looked for in an alpha highlander; big, strong, stubborn and a magical secret of his own.

Although this novel wasn’t quite what I expected, it is a very nice book to read and it will give you a big dose of pleasure.


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