donderdag 25 september 2008

Lynn Viehl - Night Lost

Gabriel Seran, a member of the Darkyn has been captured by their enemies, the Brethan monks and was tortured for two whole years. He should be dead from their brutal tortures, but Gabriel survived, only because of the dreams he had of a beautiful woman. Gabriel hopes that one day he will be free and find this particular woman.

Nicola “Nick” Jefferson steals for a living. For many years she searches for the Golden Madonna, which was stolen from her parents. The reason why she does this job is because she believes that it will bring her to the killer of her parents and then hopefully she can kill this maniac. When she search for the Golden Madonna in a devastated church, she stumbles on Gabriel, who is nailed to a wooden cross and covert in blood, the only thing she can do is rescues him.

Nick and Gabriel decide to stay together and look for the Golden Madonna, especially when they discover that the other is the very same person in their dreams. The Brethan monks hunt both of them after Gabriel escape, so they decide to pay Darkyn leader Richard a visit, so Richard can explain why they left Gabriel behind. In Richard home they find the missing pieces of the puzzle to resolve the mystery about the Golden Madonna.

Night Lost by Lynn Viehl is the fourth novel in the Darkyn series. I really enjoy reading it, Lynn Viehl knows how to get my attention and hold it all the way through the novel. What I really like about this series is the way all the books are connected.

The main characters Gabriel and Nicola are both strong and totally right for each other. They meet each other in their dreams, hoping to meet in real life and when that finally happens, sparkles are flying around. Although Nicola has a criminal past and still doing it when she meets Gabriel, it doesn’t matter to him. He likes her just the way she is. And Nicola is fabulous, the moment she discovers about vampires and the Darkyn, she doesn’t freak out like normal women would do. No she except Gabriel for what and who he is and even offers her blood several times to heal him.

I really love to read about the previous characters, especially Michael Cyprien and his soul mate Alexandra. At the end of the third novel Dark Need, the Darkyn leader Richard kidnapped Alexandra to Ireland in the hope she can cure the mutation, which destroys him before a war occurs. Of course Michael is not happy about that and is planning a rescue to get his soul mate back, no matter what it cost.

Lynn Viehl definitely writes terrific stories and lures her readers into a world full of strong handsome vampires, their beautiful stubborn soul mates and their brutal enemies, the Brethan monks.

Night Lost is a great novel to read, not so good as the previous books but definitely worth reading. I cannot wait to explore more about the Darkyn in the following novel.


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