dinsdag 2 september 2008

Karen Chance - Touch the dark

Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer is a powerful clairvoyant. She grew up in the vampire world, with on top Mafioso boss Tony, who controlled and used her power for his benefits. But Cassie had enough and alerts the FBI and escape. But her former captor Tony wants revenge and wants to punish her through vampire justice. Still on the run, Cassie has little faith in trusting people; her only friend is a ghost Billy. But then one day she receives a message on her computer and knows Tony is closing in on her.

Cassie knows she has to run, but not before she warns her roommate Tomas to stay low for a couple of days and not return to their apartment. While Cassie explains things to Tomas, Tony’s assassins attack them. It’s a wonder they both survive the attack of powerful master vampires. Cassie realizes then, Tomas is not the man he pretends to be, he is a powerful vampire himself and ordered to protect her. Tomas escort her to the headquarters of the Senate, a powerful group of master vampires, who have a big interest in Cassie’s powers. But she doesn’t want to be under the control of a vampire and with the help of her ghost friend Billy, she escape the Senate.

Touch the dark by Karen Chance is the first novel in The Cassandra Palmer series. I had this book on my shelves for a while, but for some reason didn’t call to me. But when a friend told me how great this book was, I couldn’t stay behind and started reading. And OMG, what a treat this was, from the beginning till the end I was lured into a world with dark mages, witches, vampires and white knight.

The main character Cassie Palmers is a young, but strong woman with a special gift. She grew up in the vampire world and the top man Tony used her gift for his own benefit. Cassie is tired of being used and escapes Tony, but knows she will have to run her whole life. After Cassie and her roommate Tomas are attacked by a group of assassins, her life turns upside down. Now a whole lot of people want to control her gift, the Senate, dark mage, white mages. But all Cassie wants is to be left alone.

We don’t have a real hero in this novel, but we do have some great secondary male characters that could be the hero in the future, but which one will it be, that is the big question. Will it be Tomas, Cassie’s roommate and powerful vampire himself or Pritkin, the assassin of the White mages, who wants to take Cassie to their magic world. And third but not least master vampire Mircea, who knows Cassie from little and put a protection geis on her, to keep her safe.

You’ll get a lot of information about the characters and myths in this first novel, but it is necessary to tell the story. There is no end, but you know there will be a next book where the story continues.

I’m curious what will happen next and will go straight to the next novel Claimed by shadows.


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