maandag 8 september 2008

Olivia Parker - At the bride hunt ball

Gabriel, the Duke of Wolverest has no intention to marry, but he needs an heir. So Gabriel has the perfect plan, he hopes to find a perfect wife for his younger brother Tristan and secure the heritage. The plan is to invite seven of the most perfect candidates among London’s heiress. For two weeks the seven young ladies and their chaperone will join Tristan at his estate to get to know each other and on the last evening during the ball, he will pronounce his future bride. When his younger brother is settled, Gabriel will go on with is life, that was the plan until he meets Madelyn Haywood. She hits him with a lemon, fall in the pond and dresses in impossible bodices, but he cannot keep his eyes from her. Gabriel knows she is impossible, but he can’t stay away from her.

Miss Madelyn Haywood knows she is a social disaster, but she doesn’t mind. This will be her last season in London and after that she wants to retire to her estate in the country, with or without a husband. After her father’s death her stepmother raises her and she is tired of listening to her constant criticisms. Madelyn’s attendance to the ridicules plan of the Duke of Wolverest is only to protect her best friend Charlotte. But fate has other plans.

At the bride hunt ball by debut author Olivia Parker is a big pleasure to read. This story contains great dialogue, humour, true friendship and romance, all the things I like in a romance novel.

The main characters Gabriel and Madelyn are great together. Gabriel, a Duke has no intention to marry, but needs an heir for his estate. So he comes up with a perfect plan, his younger brother will marry and secure the heritage and Gabriel can continue doing, whatever he was doing. But then he meets Madelyn, one of the candidates and cannot understand why he feels attracted to her. She is clumsy (falls into the pond), dresses in ridicules bodices and cannot stand him. But something about Madelyn is keeping him awake at night and he cannot ignore the huge attraction between them. Now he only has to convince Madelyn he is the right man for her and not his younger brother Tristan.

The secondary characters are terrific. Gabriel’s younger brother Tristan, who is going to marry to secure the heritage and save Gabriel from marriage, is a real charmer. He has his way to charm the young ladies and I found myself smiling from time to time reading this. Madelyn’s best friend Charlotte, who has a crush on Tristan, is a plain young woman. She is hoping to finally catch Tristan’s eye and become his bride at the end of this fortnight. But will she succeed…

I really enjoy reading this novel, from the beginning till the end I found myself smiling at some of the scenes. I was totally drawn into the story. Well, if you like a good romance with a dose of humour in it, this is the novel for you. I really recommend this one and hope to read more of this author in the near future.


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