woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Shannon Drake - Beneath a blood red moon

There has been a terrible murder in the French Quarter, near Maggie Montgomery’s boutique, where the police found some blood drops just outside her backdoor. So this leads detective Sean Canady right to her doorstep. Maggie is surprised of the blood trail and agrees the detective to help in this investigation in any way she can. Sean is totally attracted to Maggie and begins to pursue her, despite the fact he thinks she holding something back.

Maggie has secrets that she is not willing to share with anyone, especially not with the handsome Sean. But with the return of an old enemy from the past, which wants to destroy her and anyone she loves, she might need to. Maggie feels bad enough about keeping the past from Sean, because their relationship seems to be developing every time they see each other. But when the enemy and her past are closing in and even seems connected with the murders, she knows she has to tell him. But how can she tell Sean she’s a vampire and probably the killer too.

Beneath a blood red moon by Shannon Drake is the first book in the Vampire series and I loved it. She created a world full of danger, true friendship and old love.

The attraction between the two main characters is there right from the moment they meet. Maggie knows she cannot be involved with men, because she is a vampire and doesn’t age. Every few decade she needs to leave her home and live somewhere else, so people can’t discover the truth. Afterwards she returns home as her own daughter and continuing her business. But when Sean appears in her live, she cannot ignore the huge attraction. It even seems he has the same soul as his ancestor, the man she loved dearly.
Sean Canady is a detective and investigates a few brutal murders. When he meets Maggie during these investigations, she turns his world upside down. He cannot believe the huge attraction between them, but knows she’s hiding something. And he is just the man to find out the truth, but can he handle it.

The secondary character I really loved is Lucian, a master vampire and ex-lover of Maggie. When Maggie became a vampire it was Lucian who took her in and teaches her the rules. They separated a few decades ago, but still remains good friends. And when their old enemy comes back to hunt Maggie, he is the one who warns her and even helps her.

This was a good one to read, a normal vampire romance with all the right ingredients, not a heavy paranormal vampire story, but just a simple relaxing one. I really enjoyed reading it and I’m curious to find out what will happen with Lucian in the next novel.


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