vrijdag 31 oktober 2008

Jillian Hunter - Wicked as Sin

Sir Gabriel Boscastle won an estate in a card game, but has no intentions of spending any time there. He decides to go for a couple of weeks to explore the estate and then sell the property as soon as possible. But when he arrives at his new property he meets the lovely Lady Alethea Claridge, a woman he knows from his childhood and he cannot seem to pull himself away from her.

Everyone believes Lady Alethea Claridge is living on her brother’s estate to mourn her fiancé, who went to war and never came back. But that isn’t the case, her former fiancé forced him upon her the night before he left and took her innocent. Alethea knows she’s ruined for marriage and settle down at the countryside.

Now Alethea discovers who the new owner of her neighbouring manor is and she doubt he will do any better than the previous owner. But somewhere in her heart she hopes he does and will stay.

Wicked as sin by Jillian Hunter is the seventh book in the Boscastle series. This fabulous series is one of my favourite because it contains a huge dose of humour and devilish gorgeous men.

Sir Gabriel Boscastle is one of the cousins from the legendary Boscastle family. When Gabriel wins an estate in one of his card games, he has no intentions of keeping it. But when he meets the young woman Lady Alethea Claridge, he knows he met her before. For the rake he is, he wants her in his bed and is determined to succeed.
Lady Alethea Claridge’s former fiancé forced him upon her before he left for war and died. Now she is ruined for any marriage, so she decides to live at her brother’s side in the country. Not knowing her new neighbour will be the very same man she adored in her childhood.

I honestly must say I was a little disappointed when I finished the book. In the previous novels you get to know Gabriel as a true rake, who will do anything to get what he wants no matter what of who stands in his way, but I missed that in his own story. The moment he sees Alethea, he practically falls in love and doesn’t fight the feelings, like you expected he would. But I have to say I love the interactions between Gabriel and his cousins Devon, Drake and Heath…. you have to love those guys.

Although this novel is not one of the best in this series, I like reading it. I’ll hope the next novel in the series Wicked at the wedding will be better and about one of Gabriel’s long-lost older brothers, preferably Sebastian.


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