vrijdag 12 september 2008

Allison Chase - Dark obsession

Nora Thorngoode is a young woman with one passion; painting. Her paintings are quite good and now she has the opportunity to show her art in the biggest gallery of London, well that is what she believes. But instead, the gallery holder destroys her reputation by showing his own nude painting of Nora. Her father, a businessman buys her a husband to save some of her reputation, but will Nora’s future husband Sir Grayson Lowell be the right choice, because he is suspected of murdering his own brother.

Sir Grayson Lowell is consumed by guilt. He had a terrible fight with his brother Tom just before Tom’s fall of the cliffs. Every day and night he sees his brother’s face, accusing him. Now he wants to do the right thing, give his nephew the heritage he deserves and that means marrying Nora Thorngoode for her money and restore the family estate.

When they arrive at Blackheath Grange, Nora meets Grayson’s nephew who hasn’t spoken a word since his father’s death. She hopes to lure him out of his shell with her painting. And when Nora discovers a ghost hunts Grayson, she is determined to save them both. Will she be in time to save them?

Dark Obsession by Allison Chase is the first novel in her Blackheath Moor series and it a very nice novel full of scandals, secrets, ghosts and true love.

Sir Grayson Lowell is the responsible one of the two brothers and when his older brother Tom dies from a fall of the cliff of their estate, he feels guilt. Just before the accident the brothers had a fight about debts and the condition the house was in. Now Grayson has to raise his nephew, who hasn’t spoken since his father’s death and the only way to reinsurance the boy’s heritage is to marry. Grayson couldn’t imagine marrying someone like Nora, who is loving and caring.
Nora Thorngoode loves to paint, but when her exposition leads to a scandal, her father buys her a husband and sends her off to the country. Nora had no intention to give up her paintings, but when she meets Grayson’s little nephew, he is her number one project to save. And when she discovers that her husband is falsely accused of murdering his brother, she is determined to save him too.

Allison Chase is a new author for me and like all new authors I didn’t knew what to expect, but this first novel took me on a journey and I liked it. I could really relate myself with Nora, a woman who has a passion and will do anything to keep doing that and for her determination to keep both men in her life save.
I cannot wait to read the second novel in this series and see what happens next.


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