dinsdag 2 september 2008

Karen Chance - Claimed by shadow

Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer is a powerful clairvoyant and now also the new Pythia. The last Pythia was running out of time to mentor Cassie, so now Cassie has to figure out how she fits into this new position. To get the full power of the Pythia, she needs to give up her virginity, but with the geis Mircea placed on her, that would be a problem. It can only be done with someone Mircea chooses or do the job himself and neither is what Cassie wants right now. But the rogue Myra, the woman who was meant to be the Pythia is chasing her and Cassie needs her full powers to stop her. So she has to find a way to complete the ritual, without endangering the geis.

The Silver Circle, a coven of mages and the Senate, the vampire court both want to control Cassie and her new powers, just using the excuse that they will guide her, but Cassie has a will on her own and decline. She escapes them once again and follows Myra, back in time to prevent Myra to kill Mircea. Because without Mircea, there won’t be a geis and without the geis, Cassie has no protect and then she is easily to kill. But the visit to the past brings another problem for Cassie, now the geis is doubled and its slowly killing Mircea. Will Cassie be able to find a cure and lift the geis or is she going to loose him?

Claimed by shadow by Karen Chance is the second novel in The Cassandra Palmer series. Just like the previous book, this was a treat also, from the beginning till the end I was captured into a world with witches, vampires, and dark mages. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it.

The main character Cassie Palmer is a strong determined young woman with a gift. But now she is even more powerful, when she became the Pythia. Although the Pythia are normally trained and guided by the latest Pythia, Cassie has to do it all by herself. She doesn’t want the job; she has enough problems on her own. But she knows she cannot let those powers fall in the wrong hands and when everything seems to be going the wrong way, she knows she has to fulfil the ritual and welcome the full powers.

Just like in the first novel, we don’t have a real hero in this novel. But I have to tell you there are some great secondary male characters. Pritkin, the assassin of the White mages is still around and helps Cassie in anyway he can, but can he be trusted, because it seems he has his own agenda. Mircea, the master vampire, who put a protection geis on Cassie to keep her safe, but it seems to give some problems and even endanger his life.

I can truly say that I’m hooked; this series is definitely one of the best I read. I really like the heroine Cassie, who is one of the most powerful clairvoyant and her way to use those powers just the way she wants to. I’m curious to found out what will happen to the characters in the next novel Embrace the dark.


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