woensdag 20 augustus 2008

Denise Hampton - The warrior's damsel

Sir Rafe Godsol, the youngest of three brothers sees widow Lady Katherine de Fraisney at a wedding of one of his best friends. From that moment Rafe decides that she is the woman he will marry, even though his older brother tells him she is the daughter of the very man who killed their father. But that is not the only problem; Katherine has vowed to never marry again after her first marriage.

Widow Katherine de Fraisney is back under the care of her brutal father, after her husband died. Her father decides to find a second husband for Katherine as soon as possible. When Rafe Godsol appears in Katherine’s life, she feels attracted to him but keep him away because of the war between their families. But when her father learns that Rafe is seducing his daughter, he plans to kill Rafe.

Will Rafe be able to defend himself against the attack? And will Katherine believe him when he tells her he loves her and that he isn’t after her money?

Although the main-characters Rafe and Katherine starting off the wrong foot, its Rafe determination to win her heart that steels the show. His attentions are wrong at first, but during his courting he learns to love the beautiful Katherine and will do anything to convince her that his love is true.
Katherine doesn’t want to marry anymore. Her first marriage was arranged at childhood and without love. But her brutal father decides otherwise and is looking for another husband, although the King left the actual decision with Katherine herself. She meets Rafe at a wedding and feel the huge attraction between them, but doesn’t want to give her heart so easily.

The warrior’s damsel by Denise Hampton is an entertaining romance novel with betrayal, enemies, true friendship and love. It was nice to read a lovely historical romance after reading some strong paranormal novels. Miss Denise Hampton made me curious enough to try her next novel in the warrior’s series and see what happens to one of Rafe’s best friends.


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