maandag 25 augustus 2008

Karen Marie Moning - Into the dreaming

Aedan MacKinnon has sacrificed his own freedom to the Unseelie King to save his family and his clan. He will spend 5 human years in the Dark Fey land, but what Aedan doesn’t know is that life in the Fey land isn’t changing like the real world. So for five centuries he has been brainwashed, tortured and turned into the Unseelie King personal vengeance. But Aedan gets help from an unexpected source, the Seelie Queen, without even knowing.

Jane Sillee has dreamed of Aedan her whole life. He was her friend during childhood and now the only man she ever want. Then one day she receives an old tapestry and her dream man became real, her soul mate, his image woven into the tapestry with his name, Aedan MacKinnon. So when Jane feels asleep that night with the tapestry near, she finds herself awakening in ancient Scotland. Jane has no idea how she got there and why. But when she realizes Aedan is there, she knows this is her change to spend her life with the man of her dreams. The only thing she has to do is break the curse. If she cannot win Aedan’s love within 30 days, he will serve the Unseelie King forever.

Into the dreaming by Karen Marie Moning is a very short novel, only 133 pages long, but the short story was fabulous to read.
The two main-characters are just right for each other. Jane finds herself back in time to save the only man she ever loves, even though she never met him in person. When she realizes that she has only 30 days to convince Aedan of her love and break the curse. She is determined to do just that.
Aedan MacKinnon sold his soul to the Unseelie King, not knowing it will break him. He believes to serve the King for 5 human years, but was tricked. The Unseelie King forgot to mention that is was Faery years and that is five centuries. So when he finally serve his time, he would spend 30 days in the human world as promise, but if love cannot convince him in that period he will return to the King and serve him as vengeance. But a small young woman will do anything to prevent that.

I can truly say Karen Marie Moning is one of my favorite authors. She has a way of mixing humor and romance together in a novel and I really enjoy spending an afternoon with this small novel. After reading the Highlander series, this short story is a great addition to your shelves.


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