maandag 25 augustus 2008

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Upon the midnight clear

Aiden is an actor who gave everything for the people he loved, but betrayed by the very same people, so he turned into a hard and lonely man. Aiden decided to live in anger and alone on his property in the mountains. The only contact with the outside world is with his manager, who’s trying to lure him back into the real world. But nothing can change his mind, not even the beautiful woman who shows up on his porch.

Leta is a powerful goddess and she needs to feed on Aiden’s anger to captured one of her enemies, the God of Pain. Aiden’s brother Donnie summons the God to kill his brother, but Leta will not let that happen, especially when she meets Aiden in person. After living through the loss of her husband and daughter many years ago, she finally finds love and happiness in another man’s arms.

Upon the midnight clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another novel in the Dark / Dream Hunters series. Although the story is short and the fact that the couple fell in love in just one day, it was a nice novel to read. I was a little disappointed how fast it all went, the couple met, fight, shared dreams and finally win the battle. I believe this should be a full length novel with more romance, it’s what Leta and Aiden deserves. Both of them are strong and very devoted and they both come from an injured past and tries to survive on their own way.
But the moment they meet, they gave each other another meaning in live.

Like I said, it was a very nice short story, I cannot wait to see what happens to Xypher in Dream Chaser, He caught my eye in this novel and want to know more about him


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