maandag 25 augustus 2008

Jasmine Haynes - The fortune hunter

Faith Castle, heiress to Castle Heavy Mining is a kindergarten teacher and really loves her job and life. The only thing missing is having children of her own, but finding the right man who doesn’t want her only for her money of her father’s business is very hard. But then her best friend Trinity introduces her to Conner Kingston, who offers her a deal she’s finds hard to resist or accept.

Conner Kingston is a gorgeous businessman, who has a plan to succeed within a few years. So gathering information about heiress Faith Castle is not difficult. After meeting her on a party, he really wants to marry her. Faith’s desire to have children is his way in. He offers her marriage and children; the only catch is a job in her father’s company and hopefully takes over the business when the time comes. The only thing for him to do is convince Faith to accept his proposal and prove to her, he really wants her.

The fortune hunter by Jasmine Hunter is a great novel with a lot of steamy erotic scenes, humour and true love. Main characters Conner and Faith are so right for each other. From the first moment they meet, the sparkles are flying around. Faith cannot believe that this gorgeous man is really interested in her, a simple nice woman with a size more and a huge bank account. But when Conner tells her he will give her the one thing she wants the most, the proposal he made becomes really interesting.
Conner Kingston is a simple businessman who wants to get somewhere in the business world. So a marriage with heiress Faith Castle will be the step in the right direction. But the marriage takes another turn when Conner really falls in love with Faith and he will do anything to convince her his love is true and forever.

Faith’s best friend Trinity is a beautiful woman and is always the leading lady of the two friends, but very restless. But when Faith tells her the plans with Conner, she want Faith to be careful, because there is a whole lot more at stake, then the heart of her best friend.
Faith’s father is the other important character in this novel. He raised his daughter on his own and will do anything for her. When he hears about Faith’s plan to marry Conner, he is furious but he knows he cannot stop her. So he insists on a marriage contract, with a lot of demands and safety for his daughter.

I really like the relationship between Faith and Conner, although they start the relationship on business terms, you can see the development and the love growing. I believe Miss Jasmine Haynes created a realistic storyline, where a lot of women around the world can relate.
I definitely will read the next novel Show and Tell, what happens to be Trinity’s story.


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