dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

Jeaniene Frost - Halfway to the grave

Catherine “Cat” Crawfield is a vampire slayer and made it her priority to take as many as she can get. She has grown up with a hatred of vampires, because her mother was rapped by one and finds herself pregnant with Cat. So basically Cat is half-vampire and that is just enough to fool the vampires and get close to them. During the night Cat patrols, luring vampires in her net and kill them. But then one night she tries to kill Bones, a master vampire and fails.

Master vampire Bones has been watching Cat for a while and knows what she’s doing with the lesser vampires. But he believes she works for the one he hunts and lures her into a trap. Soon enough he discovers the uppers its and even believe she can be useful for his mission. The two of them agree to work together because their goals are the same and Cat begins her training with Bones,

But things are not always what it seems and soon enough Cat and Bones discover a human group with evil reaches to the government. Now Cat is forced to make a difficult choice that will put her life in danger to protect the man she loves.

Halfway to the grave by Jeaniene Frost is a fabulous debut novel and the first one in The Night huntress series. I find myself reading this book and end it a few hours later; it is a story that will lure you into a world full of danger, conspiracies and love.

The main characters Cat and Bones are both strong and determined to succeed in their mission. Cat grew up with the idea all vampires were evil, just like her father. But not all things are what they seem, especially when she meets Bones, a master vampire. After an attack she fails to kill him, but end up being capture by him. Now she is in training and learning to kill the big vampires and slowly fall in love with the very creature her mother warn her about. Bones is a master vampire and is hunting rogues vampires, when he meets Cat. He thinks she is working for the same men he hunts and captures her, but soon enough he discovers she is half-vampire and wants to kill as many as she can get. It is up to him to prove to her, that not all vampires are bad.

Well this is definitely a story that leaves us readers think about what will be in store for us next. It was great to see Cat struggles with her feelings for Bones, when she learns to hate all vampires, but she cannot ignore the feelings growing inside. And when she finally has to make a big decision, to save his life, your heart beat as hard as hers.
Jeaniene Frost really knows how to describe the feelings Cat struggles with. I cannot wait to find out, what she has in store in the next novel.


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