woensdag 20 augustus 2008

Sydney Croft - Unleashing the storm

Tom “Ender” Knight is an assassin for ACRO, a special agency for covert rare operatives. His latest mission is to bring animal-lover Kira Donovan in with her own special gift; on her own free will or when she refuses eliminate her. At all cost she must not fall in the hands of their enemy.

Kira Donovon knows she has a gift; she has a special bond with all kind of animals that allows her to communicate with them. But once a year during springtime, she will get into heat and needs to mate or she will die. So when her to male farm helps disappears she panics, now she’s forced to replace the hired help. But then Tom Knight shows up for the job. Kira knows she cannot let him go, because he is everything she needs in a mate.

Main-characters Tom and Kira are great together, from the first moment they lay eyes on each other, the sparkles are flying around. Of course Kira’s heat is helping them in that way, but you cannot ignore the fact the chemistry between them is huge. Tom “Ender” Knight is one of the special agents at ACRO with his own special gift. His last mission is simple, bring the animal-lover Kira in and when she refuses, eliminate her and that is just the problem. Ton cannot ignore the feelings and attraction between them, but he has to make a big decision, because their enemy is close.
Kira Donovan knows she has a gift and loves it, but the only bad thing about the gift is the springtime period. Her heat will be huge and she cannot survive without the mating part. So two male farm helps would help to do the job, but somehow they disappear. But then Tom Knight ends up at her doorstep and springtime sound not so bad at all.

Just like in the first novel, you find a secondary storyline, head of the ACRO group Devlin O’Malley has his own paranormal skill, but for some reason their a banded him, because secret information ends up in the hands of their enemy. Will he be able to find the spy in time? Of course Annika & Creed are back too and their relationship is still strange, but huge. I’ll hope to read more about them in the next novel.

Unleashing the storm by Sydney Croft is the second novel in the ACRO series and I loved it.
The attraction between the main-characters is huge and the sex-scenes are hot and steamy.
I have to warn you, if you don’t like erotica, then don’t read this book because the sex-scenes are frequent and steamy. Let me say…I’m curious to read more about this secret agency and their agents.


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