dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

Heather Grothaus - The warrior

Tristan D’Argent is a knight who has fought many wars for King William. He was abandoned at the age of ten and grew up in a hard and tough world, but that all made him into one of England’s greatest and feared knights. As reward for serving the King, he gets a castle and land to call home, along with a bride. When Tristan arrives at his estate, it is empty but save for a few who sought to live they’re to protect the castle on Tristan’s behalf. Lord Nigel, baron of a neighbouring estate and the stepfather of his betrothed were in charge to take care of the castle, but Lord Nigel is greedy and wants to add this estate to his and is planning to get everything. The first step is already set, the marriage of his stepdaughter Soleilbert to Tristan. But the moment Tristan meets Soleilbert’s younger half-sister Haith, he is not sure of the marriage because Haith is the woman he dreamed of his whole life.

Haith is the younger of the two sisters, although the sisters only sharing the same father it makes their bond even closer. Haith has unusual abilities that have been passed on through her mother’s line. She is a psychic with telekinetic abilities. Since her childhood, Haith has had dreams about a warrior that would be her soul mate and will save her from the brutal Lord Nigel. The moment she meets Tristan in person, she is happy that he finally came, but cannot hurt her sister, who’s marrying him. Now she is a pawn in Lord Nigel’s game to get what he wants, the estate and her as his mistress, all she has to do is lure Tristan in a trap. Haith hopes to find a way to save Tristan and get rid of Lord Nigel, will she succeed?

The warrior by Heather Grothaus is the first novel in her Medieval warriors trilogy and has a great storyline. Here you see a young woman who believes in soul mates and the warrior who eventually saves her.

The main characters Tristan and Haith are two different persons, but meant to be together. They have dreamed of each other since they were children. Tristan always believe the dreams wouldn’t come true, but the moment he meets Haith, he is determined to make her his, Despite the fact he is betrothed with her half-sister and the secrets she keep from him. Haith however believes in her dreams and knows right from the start he is her soul mate. The only problem is that Tristan is betrothed to her sister, who she loves dearly. And she will do anything to keep her sister save, even if this means working with brutal Lord Nigel and hurt the only man she ever loves.

This is definitely a story that will keep you occupied for one evening and lures you into a world full of romance, betrayal and true soul mates. I will definitely try the next novel The champion by Heather Grothaus.


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