woensdag 16 juli 2008

Christina Dodd - Into the shadow

Adrik “Warlord” Wilder is the third son to Konstantine and Zorana Wilder. One millennium ago his ancestor, the first Konstantine Varinksi made a deal with the devil, leaving his male descendants suffer ever since. Just like his father and brothers, Adrik can shift into a hunting animal; he is able to shift into a black panther. Adrik is the black sheep of the family since the age of sixteen, when he was able to shift and enjoy it, against the protest of his father. When the dark side of the curse takes over, he leaves his family behind and travels to Europe and Asia, where he became the Warlord.

Karen Sonnet is a project manager in her father’s company. Right now she’s in the Himalayan Mountains to build a huge hotel and hopefully makes her father very proud. But they are running behind when they discover the remains of a young child with an icon and some gold on the construction side, that appears to be sacrifice many years ago. So when the earth suddenly begins to shake, Karen grabs the icon and run. Out of nowhere a black motorcycle with a gorgeous male appears and rescues her. Karen is shocked to discover that this is the same man who visits her at night.

The moment Adrik sees the attractive Karen he wants her, so when the mountain begins to rumble, the only thing he can do is save her. But when he discovers Karen is carrying one of the icon pieces that can break the family curse, he knows she is his destiny.

The attraction between Adrik and Karen is huge from the very beginning. Adrik Wilder left home and his family, when the darkness inside him took over. So he travels the world and ends up as the Warlord in Asia, consuming more evil in him during wars and battles. The moment he meets Karen Sonnet, everything is about to change.
Karen Sonnet is the only daughter of Jason Henderson and would do anything to make her father proud, even if this means she has to build a hotel right on top of a Himalayan Mountain. On one day she discovers the remains of a child, holding a icon in his hands and when the rumble begin, her instincts kicks in and she grabs the icon and run…. right into the arms of her nightly lover.

We see characters return from the previous novels. Konstantine and Zorana Wilder, Adrik’s parents and the heart of the family. Jasha, the eldest son and his wife Ann. Rurik, the second son and his wife Tasha. The only daughter in the family, Firebird. And of course we see a lot of bad Varinki’s chasing the Wilder family to prevent them breaking the curse.

Into the shadow by Christina Dodd is the third novel in the Darkness Chosen series and a fabulous novel. I recently read the first two novels in this series and I knew right from the beginning I had another addiction in my hands. This series lured me into a world full of gorgeous alpha males, a curse to break, danger and true romance.

The next novel in line will be Into the flame and I’m very curious about that novel, because in the last chapter of Into the shadow we find a very shocking discovery and I want to find out more.


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