donderdag 1 mei 2008

Kathryn Smith - Taken by the night

In 1307 during a raid six warriors fulfilling their duty to King Philip and country find a cup they believe is the Holy Grail. When one of them got mortally injured they decided to drink from the cup to cure all of their ailments, but they soon realize it is the Blood Grail. Now all of them transform into vampires, the creatures of the night. When the vampire warriors finally turn to the church for guidance, they all got new names and became protectors of the Blood Grail.

Maison Rouge is not only a brothel but also a safe house to the Brotherhood created by Reign. So when one of the vampire warriors needs sanctuary, they come to Maison Rouge. Madame Dearing runs the brothel for years, ever since Saint save her life and her unborn daughter Ivy. Now years later fears runs through Maison Rouge, when some of the women who worked there get murdered in a strange way. People in London even believe Jack the Ripper is back.

So when Saint arrives at Maison Rouge, he has no idea what’s going on and that his life is going to become more complicated. The moment Ivy walks into his room at Maison Rouge, Saint cannot believe his eyes, the little Ivy has grown into a very beautiful young woman. But Ivy is there for a reason, her friends from Maison Rouge are dying and she wants him to investigate why Maison Rouge is the target. Will Saint be able to protect Ivy from the murderer and keep his heart save?

Saint and Ivy are both strong individuals and a fabulous couple. Saint is one of the vampire warriors and is still struggling with his past. He is determined not to loose his heart again to a mortal woman, he is afraid to loose his love again. But when he arrives at the sanctuary for some rest and blood, he couldn’t imagine that he will find the love of his life.
Ivy Dearing is the daughter of Madame Dearing and grew up at the brothel Maison Rouge. Ivy really like the women who work there and she secretly have a crush on Saint for years. So when he arrives at the same time these awful murders begins, the only thing she can do is to ask his help and stop the killing.

Just like the previous novels The Order plays another huge role, it seems they’re getting stronger and stronger. They use tricks and manipulation to get want they want… that is the Blood Grail and his protectors. And by capturing Temple, one of the vampire warriors they are one step closer to trick the others in their trap.

Taken by the night by Kathryn Smith is the third novel in the Brotherhood of Blood series and another great story. Although I believe this novel is not as good as the previous two, Kathryn Smith knew to get my attention and held it all the way through the novel. I love the world she created; it is full of danger, corruption and companionship.

I absolutely love this series and I cannot wait to see what Mrs. Smith has in store for Reign and Temple, the last two vampire warriors.


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