donderdag 15 mei 2008

Sydney Croft - Riding the storm

Ex-Navy Seal Remy Begnaud has been summoned home by his father, not knowing who will be waiting for him at his family home in the Louisiana Bayou. With a major storm on his tail, he finds he beautiful woman taking a shower in his home. She claims she rent the place for a month to studying the recent strange weather in the area, but he doesn’t buy it for a moment. The chemistry between them is huge and Mother Nature has always affected him during a storm. Can Remy control his gift? Or is that just what Hailey wants?

Hailey Holmes fascination with storms started when she was a child, now she works as a Para- meteorologist for a secret government group that recruits people with paranormal skills. Her mission now is to recruit Remy Begneaud, the Ex-Navy Seal, who can draw in a storm and gains power from it. Her boss would like to see Remy come to understand his ability and use it for the good of fighting evil in the world. Can she convince him to join their group?

Main-characters Remy and Hailey are fabulous together, from the first moment they lay eyes on each other, the sparkles are flying around. Okay Remy’s ability with storms has something to do with it, but the chemistry between them is huge. Remy Begnaud was a banded during a storm by his birthmother when he was just a baby. Remy Begnaud Sr. just lost his wife and decided to adopt Remy and raise him as his own. During his childhood Remy discovers his ability with Mother Nature and always believe it was a curse, now with Hailey by his side it could be going the right way.
Hailey Holmes always had a thing with weather, so it was natural she found a job where she can work with the weather. But when she’s assigned to convince Remy to join their secret government group, she would do anything to be close to him, even if it means she could lose her job.

Through the story you find a secondary story line, little by little you find out more about the head of the ACRO group Devlin O’Malley, who has a paranormal skill of his own. Annika Svenson and Creed McCabe, two secret agents who can’t stand each other, but the chemistry between them are tremendous. Further you find some more interesting secret Agents Ender and Wyatt Kennedy, all of them have their own paranormal skill, I’m sure we learn more about them in the following books.

Riding the storm by Sydney Croft is the first novel in the ACRO series and it is absolutely fabulous. I couldn’t imagine the enormous adventure and world I was lured into. The attraction between the main-characters is fabulous and the sex scene between Remy and Hailey are very hot and steamy. I’m definitely looking forward to read the next novel Unleashing the storm.


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