dinsdag 27 mei 2008

Cindy Miles - Into thin air

Ellie is in England to investigate her family tree on her mother’s side, but luck is not on her side. After being hit by a drunk driver Ellie’s body is in a waking coma status somewhere at the coast, leaving her spirit exists in a semi-solid state. But that is not all, she can’t remember anything about her life before the accident, or even how she got there in the first place. The only thing she remembers is the meeting with Gawan Grimm, a handsome stranger who finds her beside the road, soaking wet and totally disoriented.

Gawan Conwyk is an Earthbound Angel, and after nearly a thousand years he is less than a month away from his retirement, so he can live the rest of his life as a mortal. But fate has a last job for him when he finds Ellie beside the road near his castle. At first he though she was just a normal woman, but he can hear her thoughts and that means only one thing….she is already a spirit or she lives in the Betwixt and that means the time is ticking. He has to find her body fast, but if he fails Ellie will be a spirit forever and he will lose his retirement and remain an angel forever.

When Gawan discovers that Ellie is his Intended, his soul mate he is determined to save her life no matter what. Even if this means they cannot be together afterwards, because Gawan loses his memories of his charges as soon as his task is over.

Main-characters Gawan and Ellie are perfect for each other. Gawan is earthbound angel whose is less than a month away to become a mortal and live his life. But when fate give him a last charge, and she also happens to be his Intended, his world turns upside down. When he discovers that Ellie is almost a spirit in the Betwixt. But when the deadline approaches and Ellie’s spirit grows weaker, he cannot ignore the fact he will loose the woman he loves. Ellie is a determined young woman who is overseas to find out more about her mothers family tree, not knowing the trip will change her life forever. After being hit by a drunk driver, she loses her memory and her body and spirit separate. Now the clock is ticking for Ellie to be reunited with her body or she will live in the shades forever. But will she be able to let Gawan go when the time comes, because neither of them will remember each other.

I can tell you this, there are some very special secondary characters who’re playing a huge role in this novel. It seems that Castle Grimm is home to several ghosts and they all want to help Ellie back into her body and into the arms of Gawan. But will they succeed in time?

Into thin air by Cindy Miles is a fabulous novel to read. I didn’t know what to expect of this novel when I begin reading, but it has all the ingredients I love; great main characters, romance and a fine doses humour. I found myself smiling a couple of times during this novel and really make me believe that love overcomes any obstacle in life. I’m really looking forward to the next novel.


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