zondag 13 april 2008

Deidre Knight - Parallel Desire

Jake Tierny, the future Scott Dillion finds himself trapped in the past. His presence at the compound complicates his relationship with Hope and his younger self Scott Dillion. The biggest issue is the fact that both men cannot be in the same space at the same time, without destroying the balance. So Jake Tierny decides to leave and focuses to find his wife’s killer. The trail to the murderer leads him straight to Texas, but when he arrives the trail ends up dead. All alone in a hotelroom Jake’s struggles with all kind of emotions, his wife’s death and seeing her now in the past with his younger self. Will he be able to forget her and move on?

Shelby Tyler is the sexy Refarian medic who nursed Scott Dillion back to life after some serious injuries. She always had feelings for Scott, until he married Hope Harper. Now she’s sent on a mission to find Jake Tierny and bring him back to their King, no matter what. So, she follows him all the way to Texas and convinces Jake to come home with her. The only other thing she wants to do, is to save Jake from himself and hopefully let him fall in love with her.

The main-characters Jake Tierny and Shelby Tyler are both strong and determined indivituals.
Jake Tierny, a warrior from the future is trapped in the present after he was sent back to find the traitor in his KIng’s camp. Now that fact is no longer an issue, the only thing left for him to do is to find the killer of his wife and their unborn child.
Shelby Tyler is the Refarian nurse of King Jared. When Jared asks her to go after Jake Tierny and convince him to come home before the war is getting worse, she doesn’t hesitate for a minute. When she finds Jake in Texas, she couldn’t imagine the feelings he awakens in her. Can she trust Jake with her heart?

As secondary characters we see some returning personages. King Jared and his Queen Kelsey are fabulous. All the things they share and what happens to them has affect on the whole future. They both are strong and determined to save each other and their people. Marco and Thea, he is the loyal quard and she the King’s cousin. Scott and Hope Harper, who both are very important to JakeTierny.

Parallel desire by Deidre Knight is the fourth novel in the Midnight Warriors series and another fabulous one. It seems the novels are getting better and better. Deidre Knight has created a terrific world with alien races among the human mankind.

Normally I’m not a big fan of time-travel and alien stories, but Deidre Knight convinced me otherwise. From the moment I took this novel into my hands and started reading, the world around me seemed to disappear and I found myself totally in the story.

I truly can say that this novel contains all the ingredients you need for a fabulous story, two great and strong main-characters, some secondary characters to shake things up and the bad-guys.
The only thing I have to say is that Deidre Knight will be on my auto-buy from now on.


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