maandag 26 mei 2008

Stephanie Laurens - Captain Jack's woman

Kathryn “Kit” Grenmar is tired of her normal life and looks for some adventures. So when she’s riding her beautiful Arabic black horse late at night disguised as a boy, she stumbles upon a smuggler gang. When she saves them form being caught by the Revenue, they ask Kit to be their leader. So during the day she is Lady Kathryn, but a few nights in the month she’s Kit, the smuggler. But there’s another gang operative on their site of the beach and their leader Captain Jack wants to control the whole beach, so Kit and “his gang” are forced to join them.

Captain Jack, leader of the Huntstanton gang leads a double life. He is working undercover in the smuggler gang to find out who’s betraying their country. Only a few know his real identity as Lord Hendon. Now he’s crossing a small smuggler gang and their stranger leader Kit. But when Jack discovers that Kit isn’t a young man, but a woman he is determined to get the beautiful Kit between the sheets as his mistress, believing she is the bastard granddaughter of Lord Spencer Grenmar.

But when Kit almost gets caught by the Revenue and gets badly injured, there is no other way then to protect her. And when Jack finds out the truth about her real identity, he knows he cannot let her go.

The chemistry between the main-characters Jack and Kit is huge. When they meet for the first time Jack cannot understand the attraction he feels for Kit, a young boy. But when the truth comes out about Kit being a female, Jack is determined to make her his mistress because he believes she is the bastard granddaughter of Lord Grenmar.
Kathryn “Kit” Grenmar is a young wild woman, who’s bored of her normal daily live. After joining a small smuggler gang, she meets Captain Jack. She cannot deny the feelings he awakens in her and finally gives in and become his mistress, not knowing he leads a double life, just like her.

Captain Jack’s woman by Stephanie Laurens is the prequel of the Bastion Club series and I really enjoy reading it. The attraction between the main-characters is huge, the bed scenes are steamy and hot, and the danger level in this novel is just perfect to make this story complete. This is a novel you begin reading and finishing it a few hours later.

I really enjoy the relationship between Jack and Kit, she is wild and trouble and he is just the right person to tame her. Well not exactly tame her; he doesn’t want to change her at all, because he really loves her wild side.

I can say Stephanie Laurens did it again, writing a fabulous story and making me curious to find out what will happen next in the Bastion Club series. Well there is only one way to find out…


Carpathian Queen zei

you will enjoy the Bastion series!
Great review!

Lady Caella zei

I'm curious about this series and the next novel The lady chosen is already on the table and will be next on my list to read.

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