maandag 26 mei 2008

Eve Silver - Demon's kiss

Ciarran D’Arbois, a sorcerer whose responsibility is to keep the demons from the human world. Two decades ago he came upon a horrific car accident, where he noticed a young girl badly injured and decided to go against the rules. He used his unique powers to ease her pain, but the young girl was special and she drew his powers and healed herself. Totally off guard Ciarran was attacked by a demon who gave him something of the demonworld.

After her parents’ death Clea Masters grew up with her grandmother. She knows she’s different form everybody else, but she never understood the reason. Since the car accident that took her parents lives, and where she got badly injured, she’s been able to keep danger away, only using somekind of energy force from deep within her.

Now Ciarran and Clea meet again and must work together to save the world. They have to find a way to close the portal where demons can cross over to the human world. Will their love be strong enough to survive all of this?

The main-characters Ciarron and Clea are both strong and determined indivituals. Ciarran is a sorcerer who lived for centuries saving the human world from evil. Two decades ago he disobeyed the rules and saved a little girl and was attacked by a demon. Not knowing it would change his live for good.
Clea Masters lost her parents when she was just a little girl and grep up with her grandmother. She always knew she was different from the rest, everytime she was in danger somekind of force within her protect her. But during a demon attack her power leaves her and she’s saved by some gorgeous stranger. Will she be able to believe everything he tells her?

Darqun, Javier and Dain are the other sorceres who join them in the battle against evil and demons. Although there is a traitor working with the demons, Ciarran cannot imagine it’s one of them, but is he right?

Demon’s kiss by Eve Silver is the first novel of the Compact of Sorcerers series and for me the first novel I read of Miss Silver. I truly can say I enjoyed every page of the novel. The story contains all the ingredients I look for in a book, great and strong main-characters, steamy love scenes and some eveil demons to fight against.

I cannot wait to read the next novel in this series and I believe that will be Dain’s story.


Carpathian Queen zei

I couldn't agree more!
This is a wonderful story, now you just have to read the others by Silver too ;-))

Lady Caella zei

I know I have to read the others by Silver too and I will.
I already have three other books by Silver on my bookshelves.

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