donderdag 1 mei 2008

Christine Feehan - Dark Possession

In the South American rain forest, Manolito De La Cruz awakens in the deep rich soil. The last thing Manolito remembers is the gathering in the Carpathian Mountains, where he was wounded while he protects the pregnant Shea from a vampire attack. Totally confused and disoriented, he looks around in the forest. Since Manolito found his life mate he should see colors and feel emotions, but everything appears to him in mists and gray. Now he knows he’s stuck between two worlds. One of the worlds calls to him to join them in their battle against the Carpathian Prince and his people. Manolito is completely sure that one person can save him and get him back to his family and he calls to her.

MaryAnn Delany is a real city girl. She has come to South America to council and comfort a brutalized young jaguar woman. MaryAnn is successful and happy with her life just the way it is, but everything is about the change. The moment the De La Cruz brothers put Manolito in the rich soil to heal, she feels strange and nervous. Just the though of being separated from Manolito give MaryAnn the creeps. Although she doesn’t understand these feelings and she really doesn’t know Manolito, she saw the mortal attack and felt it at her own heart.

Now Manolito’s family fear the loose him to the other world and hope MaryAnn can bring him back. Especially when MaryAnn is the only one who can hear his call for help and she leaves the safety of the world to rush to his side.

I really love the main-characters Manolito and MaryAnn. Manolito is just like all the Carpathian males; dominant, gorgeous and overprotected when it comes to his life mate. He will do anything to love and protect MaryAnn, even if this means risking his own life.
MaryAnn is a real city girl with her design clothes and her manicure. She met some of the Carpathian males during the reunion and she definitely doesn’t want to be mated to one. But the moment Manolito claims her and needs her help, she doesn’t hesitate for a moment and risks her own life to save him.

Of course some old characters from previous novels are dropping by; especially Riordan De La Cruz and his life mate Juliette, who will do anything to save his brother. And Juliette’s sister Jasmine and cousin Solange play a huge part; they are both jaguars’ shifters and are hiding for the jaguar males.

Dark Possession is another great novel in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I read one of her novels. She always captures my attention form the first page and holds that all the way through to the last one.
I cannot wait for the next novel Dark Curse to come out and read some more about one of the gorgeous De La Cuz brothers. I believe it will be Nicolas and his life mate, who happens to be the girl escaping the ice-caves.


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