maandag 26 mei 2008

Christina Dodd - Scent of Darkness

Ann Smith works as an office assistant and is in love with her boss Jasha Wilder, but he only behaves strictly professionally towards her. But she cannot ignore her feelings and decide to take manners into her own hands. Ann decides to drop off some paperwork at Jasha’s home and seduce him. However, her seduction is short when she observes her boss change from human form into a wolf and back. The only thing she can do is run….

Jasha Wilder is the eldest son of Konstantine and Zorana Wilder. One millennium ago his ancestor, the first Konstantine Varinski made a deal with the devil, leaving his male descendants suffer ever since. Jasha’s parents decided to leave Russia and their evil family to raise their children in a better world. The only way the Wilder Family can prevent to become permanent guests of the devil is to restore the religious icon. Jasha is shocked to discover that Ann is the chosen one to find one missing pieces of the icon.

The chemistry between Jasha and Ann is fabulous. From the first moment Ann discovers that Jasha is the wolf in front of the fireplace, her instincts kicks in and she runs…far away from Jasha. But the animal in Jasha cannot let her go and he chase her. When Jasha finally catch her, the sparkles are flying around. Jasha can hardly control the animal inside him, but is able to resist it and calmly claim Ann as his mate. Ann is still shocked of finding out about the whole Jasha/wolf thing, but after being chased by Jasha she surrender herself completely. And just when they find a way to break the curse, danger is just around the corner.

As secondary characters we have Konstantine and Zorana Wilder, Jasha’s parents and the spill of the family. Rudrik, the second son has the ability to change into a hawk. Adrik, the third son has the ability to change into a panther and is the only one who ignores his father and gave over to the evil side of the curse. And last but not least, we have Firebird, the only daughter of the Wilder family and a real miracle because she is the only female born in over thousand years.

Scent of darkness by Christina Dodd is the first novel in the Darkness Chosen series and I loved it. From the first page Ms. Dodd caught my attention and hold that all the way through the novel. The danger, the curse, some very gorgeous shape shifters and a prophecy are all the right ingredients for this novel.

Ms. Dodd convinced me to read the next novel in line and that would be Touch of Darkness, Rudrik’s story ….. and I cannot wait to start.


Carpathian Queen zei

going to give Janice an hardcover order?? lol

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