donderdag 15 mei 2008

Deborah Cooke - Kiss of fire

After the sudden death of her parents Sara Keegan decides to leave her steady job as an accountant and take over her aunt’s Magda New Age Bookstore. Although she doesn’t believe in any kind of magic, not like her Aunt Magda, she finds her aunt’s bookchoice very interesting. But when she’s attacked one night right outside the bookstore, she’s shocked to see that the gorgeous stranger who rescues her can turn into a dragon. Sara couldn’t possibly believe this is true, but she has no choice to believe her eyes and even her heart. Because her rescuer makes her feel things she’s never thought she could.

Quinn Tyrell, a very gifted blacksmith has lived alone for centuries and even distanced himself from the other dragons, the Pyr, who he held responsible for the death of his close friend and mentor Ambrose. When Quinn one night starts to feel the beginning of his firestorm, he knows his destined mate is near and has to find her fast. Because his mate would not be save from the Pyr sworn enemies, the Slayers who want to eliminate his mate.

Will Quinn and Sara, who appear to have a gift of her own, be able to save the ones they cared about?

Main-characthers Quinn and Sara are both strong en determined persons. Quinn wants to do everything to keep his destined mate save, no matter what. He lost a few people in the past and doesn’t want anything to happen to Sara. So he trusts nobody, not even his fellow dragons. But when the Slayers desperatly trying to catch and kill Sara, he cannot ignore the fact that he needs help. Can he trust his fellow dragons, even when he always believed they were responsible for his best friend’s death?
Sara Keegan decides to change her life after the death of her parents. But she couldn’t imagine being rescued by a fire-dragon and fell in love with him. She even finds out that she has a special gift of her own, just like her aunt Magda said she would.

The Pyr are a group of dragons, who protect all Earth’s treasures, including the humans. Those six warriors Donovan, Niall, Rafferty, Delany, Sloane and their leader Erik, will do anuthing to protect the destined mate of their blacksmith Quinn, even when Quinn doesn’t want them to. But the Slayers are on their tall, they even kidnapped Sophie, the Wyveren, the keeper of the prophecies to lure them into a trap.

Kiss by Fire by Deborah Cooke is the first novel in this new dragonfire series and it is an amazing novel. From the first page she captured my attention and lured me into a terrifec world full of dragon magic. My first and only reaction was…WOW, after I finished the book. She really blew me off my feet and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next novel Kiss of fury that should be Donovan’s story.


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