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Kathrynn Dennis - Dark Rider

Sir Robert Breton is a feared warrior and called the Dark Rider. When Robert discovers that his warhorses are poisoned, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment and wants Lady Eldswythe to come and save his precious horses. Even if this means he has to let his enemy’s daughter into his camp. Although Robert doesn’t trust Eldswythe and watch her very closely, he will do anything for his horses.

Lady Eldswythe is the only daughter of Earl of Crenalden and she has a gift she’s desperately trying to hide from her father and her people. But she couldn’t prevent the whispering behind her back, calling her the horse witch. Only because she can smooth horses at her will and even cure them with simple ingredients. So when Sir Robert summoned her to save his horses, she will go and give her best shot to save them, even though he is the family’s enemy.

But when her father is sent away to fight at the King’s side, Eldswythe’s estate is under attack by her bastard brother John, who wants to have the castle and land for himself. The only man who can help her save her people and getting her estate back is her enemy Sir Robert Breton.

Sir Robert Breton and Lady Eldswythe are both strong, but stubborn individuals. Although they’re feeling attractive to each other, they cannot forget their enemies. Sir Robert is a hard young man, who’s betrayed by his fiancée when he was fighting for his live. Besides that he cannot forgive Earl of Crenalden for letting his father die, maybe even killed him and stole the land that was meant for him. But when Robert meets Eldswythe, things are starting to change in him. Will she be able to break down the wall around his heart?
Lady Eldswythe was born with a gift, she can understand horses, and calm them down and something even cure them from the strangest diseases. But not everyone is so understanding, that is why they call her the horse witch. Now her home is under attack and the only man who can help her is her enemy Sir Robert. But Eldswythe cannot imagine the attraction between them.

Sir Hugh and Sir Thomas are the two best friends of Sir Robert and they are helping him to get Eldswythy estates back.
John Gilroy is the enemy of Sir Robert and also happens to be the bastard brother of Eldswythe. He will do anything to get her heritage for himself.
And Lady Margaret appears in Roberts’s life, not so long ago she was his fiancée, but dumped him for John Gilroy. But now it seems she wants him back or does she want his older brother now?

Dark Rider by Kathrynn Dennis is a nice story. After reading some paranormal novels with strong emotional characters it was nice to read a normal love story. I really like the relationship between Robert and Eldswythe, although they started on the wrong foot.
Although this novel didn’t blow me off my feet, it was a nice novel to read. I will definitely try another novel of Kathrynn Dennis.


Kathrynn Dennis zei

Thank you, for your kind words about my book, Natasja! Check out my latest: Awakening His Lady, another sensual medieval historical from Harlequine Historical UNDONE (an eBook!).

Have a great week!

Kathrynn Dennis

Lady Caella zei

Hello Kathrynn, I'll definitely will check out your latest book. Thanks for letting me know.

Have a great day!

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