maandag 9 juni 2008

Jade Lee - Dragonborn

Kiril is a dragon hunter for the emperor Dag Racho and has a gift when it comes to finding dragon eggs. His job is to destroy the eggs before they are attached to human bodies and bond with them. Kiril has experience first handed when he witnessed his cousin through the dragon hatching and became a different person. Now he is looking for the last egg, a golden queen’s egg and free mankind from the evil dragons.

Natiya works as a bar dancer to survive in the hard world. She is the only surviving child of two dragonborn and was raised by her aunt and uncle and lived a happy live. But she has a secret of her own; shortly after parents were killed she took the last dragon egg and hides it from the rest of the world. Now it is time for the egg to come out, so Natiya carries the egg in her navel, just like a little unborn child.

But the moment she meets Kiril in the bar, she knows he means trouble and doesn’t trust him, even if this mean ignoring the huge attraction between them. But when the emperor Dag Racho hears the truth about the golden egg, the only thing Kiril can do is to protect Natiya and her unborn dragon.

Dragonborn by Jade Lee is an adventures story, full of action, dragons and magic. This novel is the first one I’ve read of Miss Lee and it was a nice one, but didn’t blow me off my feet. The main-characters Kiril and Natiya were fabulous together. Natiya is determined to hatched the last golden dragon egg and convince mankind that dragon are not evil. That the humans who are attaching to the dragons are the one who are evil and they use the dragons for their own and not to protect mankind. So when Natiya meets Kiril she cannot trust him, because his after her egg. And what about her feelings towards him…. Are they true or just the dragon power in her?
Kiril witnessed his cousin through a dragon hatching and become a totally violent persons, so he is determined to kill all dragons and eggs to save the world, so he believes. But when he meets Natiya his world changes and even his opinion about dragons, but can he trust those feelings?

What I really missed in this novel was the true romance between the main-characters. Of course there were feelings and attractions, but I couldn’t feel if those were true or just the dragon power. But I have to say Jade Lee knows how to create a fabulous fantasy world full of those gorgeous dragons.


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