dinsdag 20 juli 2010

Rachel Caine - Lord of Misrule

Mr. Bishop, the founder Amelie’s father is still around and has huge plans to take over the town. After the huge fight at the ball, he needs to find another way to take control over Morganville, even if that means using his own daughter to get what he wants. But what Mr. Bishop doesn’t know is that Amelie is working behind the scenes urging her people to resist him and keep supporting her.

That isn’t the only problem; it seems that a mystery call goes out to all the vampires and that the youngest vampires are walking into the sun, even when they don’t want to do it. So Claire and her friends are trying hard to rescue the innocent vampires when they can, but also keep an eye on their own vampire friend Michael, who is the youngest vamp of them all.

But Claire has more things on her mind, she has to make one difficult decision and she really doesn’t want to make it, but to survive it all she needs to do this.

Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine is the fifth book in the Morganville Vampire Series. I cannot tell you enough that this series is fabulous and will make you an addict from the first book.

Morganville is a town where vampires are living freely. Founder Amelie has return to town some time ago and has taken Claire Danvers under her protection. She wants one thing in return; Claire has to work together with crazy Myrnin to find a cure against the madness, which elder vampires are suffering from. In the last couple of months the humans and vamps have finally learned to live with each other in harmony….well until Amelie’s father shows up.

What I love about Claire Danvers is that although she’s young, she’s more mature then the other students of her age. Not only is she’s going to college to get her degree, but after school she’s helping Myrnin to find a cure, to help other vampires from madness…vampires who are slowly becoming her friends.

The friendship between Michael, Shane, Eve and Claire will be tested in this novel; Claire has to make a tough decision. She knows they won’t understand her reasons and that might cost her their friendship.

The books are getting better and better, Rachel Caine cannot write fast enough for me in this series, because I’m already looking forward to the next one.


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