dinsdag 20 juli 2010

Anthology - Fantasy

The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries
Isobel Lamberton is a lonely widow; the only excitement in her life is making sure her late husband boy’s school. To spice up her life a little more, her friend urging Isobel to disguise herself and puts herself up for auction. This auction is a place where widows can let themselves go without revealing her identity. This one night stand will change Isobel’s life forever, when the man who bid’s on her is her rival, a man she’s always fighting against at the school board.

Luisa’s desire by Emma Holly
Luisa de Fiore is a vampire who despises her need for blood, but knows she has to take it to survive. So she travels to Tibet, where hopefully a group of monks can help her to slow down her need and survive another way.
There she meets the man, who will change her life forever, a man who will have to choose between his chosen path as monk and his growing love for her.

Mr. Speedy by Elda Minger
Miranda is a writer and wants to write an article about this seminar, where men will learn to get into a woman’s pants within 24 hours. The only problem is that no women are allowed, so she has to find a way to get in. Miranda cuts her hair, borrows her friend’s clothes and goes undercover. But when she meets her roommate Jake, she isn’t that she will succeed.
Jake is at the seminar for a story of his own and when he meets his roommate Randy, he knows he has to protect this little guy. Especially against those big bad wolves, but there is an attraction between them and Jake is confused about these feelings he is having…for this man. Will Miranda continue going undercover or will she tell Jake the truth about her not being a man?

The awakening by Christine Feehan
Maggie Odessa has always known she was different from everyone else, but couldn’t explain why. Now she’s has crossed half the world to go to the rain forest to collect her inheritance. The closer she gets to the house, the more she felt at home. She also knew that someone was watching her, from the moment she started this journey.
Brandt Talbot has been looking forward to this day for many years and finally his mate has come home. He knows he has to be patience about telling her the truth about her inheritance, which included a legacy that enabled her to transform into a leopard.

Fantasy is a fabulous anthology by Sabrina Jeffries, Emma Holly, Elda Minger and Christine Feehan and has four terrific short stories in it. You will find out that one story is better than the other. Although I never read a book or a story by Emma Holly and Elda Minger, I found myself intrigued by their part in this anthology. I will be checking out their books in the future. I already enjoy reading Sabrina Jeffries books and this one was no exception. But my favourite was the one written by Christine Feehan. I’m a huge fan of her books and this short story is a fabulous start of her leopard series.

If you are not in the mood to read a whole book or a new series, but just some short stories, then you definitely need to check out this anthology. You won’t be disappointed.


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