maandag 26 juli 2010

Ilona Andrews - Magic Strikes

Kate Daniels is an agent of the Order; she’s dealing with a lot of magic and danger, something she’s very good at. Her friend shape shifter Derek asks her to deliver a note to someone in the Arena, where gladiator’s fights, not really knowing what he’s getting himself the Reapers, tortured and left for dead. Kate is out for revenge and she’s not the only one.

Jim, the chief of security for the Lord Beast Curran must find a way to get a team in the Arena, so they can have their vengeance for Derek. Although Kate isn’t a shifter, she joins the team because she will do whatever is necessary to kill them. But their might be a higher power behind all of this, someone of Kate’s bloodline.

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andres is the third novel in her Kate Daniels Series and a fabulous read. She’s already blew me away with the previous two books and she didn’t disappoint me with this one. It’s another novel full of magic, action and danger and some building attraction between two power beings.

We all know that Kate Daniels is one hell of a kick ass chick, which will fight for justice. But when someone close to her is left for dead, justice isn’t the only thing on her mind, she wants revenge. She will do anything in her power to see that happens, even if that means fighting as gladiator in the Arena.

In every book you see the relationship between Kate and Curran change into something more. Their attraction to each other is growing and I know it will be only a matter of time before Curran will take his chance and make Kate his mate. I only hope that Kate will find a way to accept it all and don’t let her inheritance spoil everything.

To the Urban Fantasy fans out there, if you haven’t read this series yet, then I highly suggest that you check this one out, because you won’t be disappointed.


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