dinsdag 20 juli 2010

Ilona Andrews - Magic Burns

Kate Daniels is a mercenary who works for the Order, dealing with magic and danger. During one of her cases, Kate stumbles on a young girl Julie, who is living in an abandoned hangar. Julie’s mother is a member of the Witches of the Crow Coven and has disappeared. Kate doesn’t know what to do with Julie, so she takes her home with her, just to keep her safe.

But Kate could have known that it wouldn’t be that easy, because that night they are under attack by Reeves, undead women and their leader Shepherd, a sea demon. During this fight where Kate managed to kill those women and drive the demon away, she’s gets injured pretty badly and pass out.

Next time Kate wakes up is in the Keep of the Pack, where Beast Lord Curran runs the shape shifters. It appears they have a common enemy, Bran the bowman, who recently has stolen a valuable map from the Pack and he is always the link Kate needs to resolve her case and find Julie’s missing mother.

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews is the second novel in the Kate Daniels Series and I loved it. OMG, this is one of those series you could get addicted to and guess what….that is exactly what happened to me.

Kate Daniels has another dangerous case to solve and she’s not alone anymore. Momentarily she’s babysitting Julie, a 13 year old girl whose mother is missing. When Julie is kidnapped by the Sea Demon, Kate has to work together with Beast Lord Curran to get Julie back safely. The Sea Demon Shepherd wants the cauldron lid, a powerful artifact, which has the ability to unleash a huge army of demons on Earth, in exchange for the girl. Of course Kate and Curran cannot give the artifact to this demon and have to find a way to keep both.

You can feel the attraction growing between Kate and Curran, and if Curran has something to say in all of this, she will be his mate in no time. But Kate cannot let anyone into her life because of her inheritance and will do anything to keep Curran at bay.

I know this series is written by a team, husband and wife and I’m not sure who writes which part, but they are doing an excellent job and I hope they will continue doing just that. I highly recommend this series, it’s one that will lure you into their world and keep you there until the battle has been fought and the peace returns…temporally, until the next battle begins.


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