maandag 26 juli 2010

Cindy Miles - Thirteen chances

Christian is a Welsh Crusader is cursed for life, he has to live as a ghost for eternity, but he vowed to wait for his true love, Emma forever. Every seventy-two years his love’s soul was reborn and has been driven to return to Wales, to find Christian and remember their true love, hoping that they can break the curse that keeps his ghost earthbound. Twelve times he has gone through the reunion with his love, to lose here again to death.

Emma is a photographer and is drawn to the crumbling walls of Arrick by the Sea in Wales. So she takes a vacation and travels from America to Wales. She stays at the small Inn near the castle, which is run by the three lovely witch sisters. Her first night in Wales is weird; she meets a ghost who orders her to leave Wales at once and never come back. But Emma isn’t that scared and is determined to find out what these ghosts try to tell her.

Christian cannot go through it again and decides to stop convincing his love’s soul to find the cure and leave her alone. But this Emma is the spitting image of his first Emma and he cannot stay away from her long. The more he spends time with her, the more he’s convinced that this time it will be different. He gets help from the three witch sisters; they are determined to bring Emma and Christian’s souls together for eternity. If they fail this time, their love will be lost forever.

Thirteen chances by Cindy Miles is a fabulous read. Even though the previous books and this novel aren’t a series, the characters will come together in this one. It’s great to see the whole bunch together and share their experience.

The characters Emma & Christian have been through hell to find a way to break his curse, but loose every time. It’s hard to see Christian win over Emma’s heart every time to see him loose her in he end again. So it is understandable that this last time around he’s moving away from her instead of falling in love again. But of course fate and three determined witches are having plans of their own and to finally reunite those two lost souls for eternity.

I really enjoy the part where Christian takes Emma to meet his “old” friend from the past, sot it was nice to see the great characters of the previous books.

Cindy Miles never disappointed me with her books, so I definitely recommend the books if you are falling for immortal highlanders, some very independent women and last but not least some crazy but friendly ghosts. I cannot wait to see what Cindy Miles has in store for us in the future.


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