donderdag 24 juni 2010

Anthology - Must love Hellhounds

The Britlingens go to hell by Charlaine Harris
Two female bodyguards who are working for Britlingen Collective are hired to escort a client to retrieve a stolen item he left in Hell. When they are captured, they have to figure out a way to escape hell alive, but the hellhounds who are guarding them in prison will be a problem.

Angels Judgement by Nalini Singh
Sara is a Guild Hunter, who hunts down runaway vamps and returns them to their Masters. Now Sara got an offer she cannot refuse, namely the job as Guild Director, but not before she catches this last rogue Guild Hunter with a little help of Slayer Deacon.

Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews
Andrea Nash is trying real hard to fill in for her best friend Kate Daniels, but it seems everyone needs Kate right now. When she gets a call about a hellhound on the loose, she packs up and go hunting, not knowing she will run into Raphael, the were hyena who wants Andrea as his mate. He’s after the hellhound too, so working together seems the best way to get the job done.

Blind spot by Meljean Brook
Former CIA agent Maggie Wren has taken a new job as the butler of vampire Colin Ames-Beaumont. Her knowledge comes in handy when Colin’s niece Katherine is kidnapped, so she is put on a plane to New York with Sir Pup, a hellhound, where she meets Geoffrey Blake, Katherine’s brother. Geoffrey is blind, but has an ability to see through other ones eyes and has unusual mind connection with his sister.

These four authors done an amazing job with the four short stories. Nalini Singh and Ilona Andrews stories are connected to my favorite series, so that was a huge bonus. Blind Spot by Miss Brook was a surprise, I never read anything by her, but I might get some of her books now, because this short story was good. The short story by Charlain Harris wasn’t what I’ve expected; it’s totally different from her Sookie Stackhouse style. It was nice, but it wasn’t really a short romance.

This anthology is well written and very entertainment. A perfect book to read between all the heavy novels I’ve been reading lately.


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