maandag 26 juli 2010

Ilona Andrews - Magic Bleeds

Kate Daniels, an agent of the Order is sent to investigate a fight at the bar The Steel Horse, where the territories of the shape shifters and vampires come together. When Kate arrives on the scene she isn’t happy to see what she has to deal with, it’s magic in a way she never seen before. Kate knows she has to give everything she has to stop the one who’s killing these innocent victims.

Kate soon enough discovers that she is dealing with someone old, very old and that it might be one of her relative’s. She knows she has to deal with it on her own, if she wants the family connection hidden from everyone. And if that wasn’t hard enough, she has other thing on her mind too. The Beast Lord Curran stood her up for their dinner date and Kate might kill him the next time she sees him. It doesn’t matter that he’s strong, stubborn and determined to clear this once and for all between them.

Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews is the fourth novel in her Kate Daniels Series and I have to say it’s the best I’ve read so far. First I was doing my happy dance when the book finally arrived on my doorstep and I did my second happy dance when I finished the book. Oh boy, what a surprise, I couldn’t put it down until the last pages were done.

We all know that in the previous book Kate agreed to make Curran his dinner and serve it in just some lingerie. Well it didn’t turn out the way Kate wanted it to be, because he stood her up and she isn’t ready to forgive him. She will fight him with every breath she has and deal with him when she needs because of her job, but beside that she is done with him, even though her heart is screaming something else.

Fate has some other surprises for Kate, it appears that Kate’s Aunt is in town and her aunt isn’t very fond of the idea that her brother Roland has a living child out in the world. Kate has to pull every magic she has to stop her Aunt for killing and destroying peoples lives and she has some help in the form of a poodle.

When the moment was finally there when Kate and Curran accepted their fate and be together, it was good to see that Kate also decided to let Curran in on her secrets about who she really is, who her family is and what she can do. I know he will have a back no matter what.

Andrea and Raphael are just a funny couple, the way those two gets into trouble and have to call Kate to bail them out is just hilarious. I know Andrea has a hard time accepting who she really is and that she wants to keep her true identity a secret from the Order. But I have to agree with Raphael, it’s time for her to decide what is more important in her life. The man she really loves and her people of the Order who would prefer her dead.

I cannot wait for the next installment in this series; I would love to see more Kate and Curran, but also more about Kate’s father Roland. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him soon, I cannot wait to read his reactions when he finds out that his daughter is still alive and getting more powerful by the day.


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