maandag 26 juli 2010

Cindy Miles - MacGowan's ghost

Allie Morgan has a gift; she is able to see spirits and can communicate with them. She has set up s business to help people who don’t want their houses and business haunted by ghosts. When she receives a phone call from Gabe MacGowan, who claims his pub is haunted by several ghosts, she knows she has to travel from America to Scotland to see if she can help. But Allie doesn’t travel alone, she’s bringing her own ghost Dauber along with her, one who’s very protective and wants to see her save.

Gabe MacGowan, owner of the pub is tired of the ghosts, who haunted his pub. They have been there since he was a little boy, but it isn’t funny anymore. Gabe wants to sell his pub and move away so his young son Jake can have a normal childhood away from ghosts. Especially when he knows that his son has the same ability as he does and can see and hear these ghosts. But that’s not all, Gabe feels guilty for his wife’s death, who he never loved. She is haunted his dreams and he’s afraid that something bad will happen with him or Jake, if he doesn’t move away quickly.

MacGowan’s ghost by Cindy Miles is a fabulous novel and easy to read. It’s about two young people who happen to see and talk to ghosts. One has accepted her fate and deals with it the best way she can by helping others. And he is trying real hard to ignore his gift and wants to run away from it all.

Allie doesn’t know shat she’s up against when she travels to Scotland, but when she meets the lovely bunch of ghosts, she discovers that they all cares for Gabe and Jake. They are very certain that they don’t want to leave and will scare any possible buyer away. Allie wants to help Gabe get pass his personal ghost and pain, meaning his dead wife. She hopes with a little help of Jake and her new ghostly friends that she’s able to do just that.

Gabe is stubborn, like most of the Scotsman, so when Allie walks through his door, he knows life will never be the same and he won’t have that. He will avoid her as much as possible, but he cannot help himself falling for her. It seems that the townspeople and his ghosts all welcome Allie in their lives and he knows he’s doomed forever…he doesn’t want her to leave when her work is over.

This novel has me smiling from time to time and I really enjoyed reading it. Cindy Miles has written a terrific novel; you cannot put it away and not fall in love with the characters. I highly recommend this book if you love the Highlands mixed up with the tale of ghosts.


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