maandag 26 juli 2010

Jessica Bird - His Comfort and Joy

Joy Moorehouse has lost her parents when she was young; her brother Alex left the family shortly after the funeral. So her older sister Frankie took care of her and their dementia grandmother. When Joy got older she did everything in her power to help her sister and their Bed and Breakfast, but always had the dream to design her own dresses. But Joy has another dream, involving her sexy neighbour Gray Bennett, who she has loved for years.

Gray Bennett is a rich political consultant and has had a pretty terrible family life; his mother couldn’t be fateful to his father. So Gray doesn’t really believe in the happy marriage life. But Gray has noticed Joy Moorehouse, but he think she is way too innocent and too young for him. He knows he cannot give her what she really wants, a happy family.

His Comfort and Joy by Jessica Bird is the second novel of the Moorehouse Legacy Series and another great easy read. The novel was well written and a perfect book to read, coming home from work and just drop down to enjoy a simple love story.

Joy is a strong young woman, who’s trying hart to design her own dresses and still looks after het dementia grandmother. So her sister Frankie can take care of running their family Bed and Breakfast. Then she gets the opportunity to go to the big city to show some of her designs and maybe get her own career of the ground.

Gray’s life had been rough and his trust in women has been growing less because of his unfaithful mother. But Joy Moorehouse is determined to let Gray see what he will be missing, if he doesn’t take the change to be happy with her. She isn’t going to wait forever.

I have to say that sometime Gray’s whining and jealousy was too much. I just wanted to smack him in the head and tell him to be a man and finally step up and claim the woman who loves him. But luckily for Gray, Joy is the more dominant in the relationship and she isn’t afraid to go after the things she wants.

I enjoyed the book and I recommend it to those who wants some easy read on a busy day, just simple relax and let the romance takes you away from it all. Jessica Bird aka J.R. Ward did a great job.


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