woensdag 26 maart 2008

Paula Quinn - Laird of the mist

Kate Campbell and her brother Robert were raised by two clan members, when their parents died years ago. From time to time their uncle Duncan, Earl of Argyll visits them to see their progress. Now the Campbell clan is attacked by the enemy, The McColls clan and Kate isn’t afraid to draw her sword and fight among her clan. Weakened by this fierce battle and ready to meet her death, Kate is rescued by a gorgeous man. But Kate’s gratitude turns into fury when she learns it is Callum MacGregor, the leader of their number one enemy.

Callum MacGregor, known as “The Devil” is the leader of the MacGregor clan. Callum is determined to find and punish Duncan Campbell, the Earl of Argyll, for his tortured past, but when Callum and his men arrive on Campbell land, he sees there is a battle going on. When a strong beautiful woman is in need, Callum doesn’t hesitate and rescues her. But when he learns Duncan Campbell isn’t among the fighting men and this lovely lady is his niece he takes her hostage and uses her as bait to lure her uncle out into the open.

In time Callum and Kate begin to see things in each other they never expected. Callum is not only drawn to her beauty, but also her courage and determination to protect her family. And Kate begins to question if there is any truth to his reputation as “The Devil”.

Is their love enough to forget all the bloody fights and sworn oaths of revenge?

As main-characters we see Callum and Kate, two born leaders of their clan and sworn enemies. Both of them are determined to get their revenge, especially Callum. Callum and his sister were captured by Kate’s grandfather, right after he murdered his parents. After his escape nine years later he’s sworn to get back at the Campbell clan for his lost years, not knowing it would be a Campbell to let him see that there is more in life than revenge.
Kate has always believed that “The Devil” murdered her father years ago. Now she’s standing face to face with him and all she could think of is kissing him. When she finally learns the truth about her father’s death and Callum’s past, she will do anything to make up to Callum what her grandfather did to him.

As secondary characters we find some great characters. Robert Campbell is Kate’s brother and determined to free his sister from his enemies capture. Then we have Uncle Duncan Campbell who has his own agenda and plans for his niece Kate. Maggie MacGregor is Callum’s sister and the dreamy one of the MacGregor clan, she will do anything to convince her brother stop fighting the Campbell’s and maybe with Kate’s help it will work this time.
Brodie and Angus MacGregor, Graham and Jamie Grant, the four MacGregor clan members and very good friends of Callum, they are fabulous especially Graham got my attention.

Laird of the mist by Paula Quinn is the first novel in her new trilogy. I was surprised when I felt the same excitement like I had with the previous books. From the moment I curled myself up on the sofa with some tea and chocolate and began to read, I didn’t wanted to put it down and wasn’t even surprised that I finished the book hours later. Paula Quinn lures me again into a world full of betrayal, hurt feelings, loyalty and romance.

She has written a fabulous story. I can truly say she is one of my favorite historical/medieval authors. She is definitely on my auto buy list from now on. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next novel with Graham Grant and his heroine.


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