dinsdag 18 maart 2008

Lisa Valdez - Passion

Passion Elizabeth Dare is a young widow, who is glad that her two-year mourning period is almost over. Her marriage was a loveless and unfulfilling one. So that is why she has no plans to marry again. Passion is determined to live her life just the way she wants it. A very hot passionate affair is not high on her list to do, but an incident at the Chrystal Palace throws her into the arms of a nameless gorgeous stranger, who seduces her behind a huge screen. When she arrives at home Passion cannot believe what she just did, but she cannot ignores the feelings this strangers makes her feel.

Mark Randolph Hawkmore, Earl of Langley would never take a wife of his own free will. But now he’s being blackmailed to marry a young woman named Charlotte. He will do anything to protect his younger brother, so he agreed to meet the young woman at the Chrystal Palace but she doesn’t show up. He finds a beautiful widow instead who makes his blood boil like crazy. Mark cannot let the opportunity pass by and seduces her behind huge screen and is determined to meet her again, because there is something about her he just cannot let go of.

Passion and Mark meet each other several times behind the screen at the Chrystal Palace and later on in Passion’s bedroom. They agreed to spend some time together and then part. But she soon discovers that she’s in love with Mark and is afraid she cannot let him go when the time comes. And there is something about Mark… Will he be able to reveals his darkest secrets and hopes she will stay with him?

The main-characters Passion and Mark belong together from the first moment they meet. The moment they meet at Chrystal Palace you can feel the firework between them. Passion is a young widow who wants to live her life just the way she wants it and will returning to the country as soon as her mourning period is over. But the moment she meets Mark in the Gothic hall at the Palace and has a passionate scene behind the screen she wants to feel that passion again.
Mark Hawkmore is a determined man who never wants to marry. Now he is being blackmailed into a marriage and to protect his younger brother he agrees to meet this young woman. But the moment he sees the beautiful widow he knows he has got to have her in his bed or should I say behind a screen.

As secondary characters we find a very wicked evil mother, the young cousin and betrothed Charlotte, the gorgeous younger brother Matt and last but not least the devoted sisters, who are quite a couple themselves.

With this novel Lisa Valdez has outdone herself, the only thing I can say that it is a very sexy and fabulous story. The first scene in this novel takes your breath away and lures you into a steamy passionate love affair between two fabulous characters.

Well to me Lisa Valdez is one of the best historical authors at the moment. Some of the love scenes are very steamy and hot. I truly can say this novel is one of the best I’ve read lately.
This book was one that kept me enthralled, the talent of Lisa Valdez is that she definitely knows to keep the attention of the readers, with feelings like passion, betrayal and love.

Hot and steaming, this is a novel that lures you into a very passionate love story.


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