woensdag 12 maart 2008

Deidre Knight - Parallel Seduction

Warrior Jake Tierny travels back in time to stop the traitor in the King’s camp and protect his King Jared and Queen Kelsey. When he arrives at his destination he discovers that the traitor Marco somehow had a change of heart and is no longer a threat in the future. Now Jake is trapped in a time with people who don’t trust him, but he cannot let them know his true identity without changing the future. The only thing he can do is run and finds a way to get back to his own time. But then he sees her…. Hope Harper and he knows he cannot return to his own time before he really knows she save from the treat that is after her.

The King’s most trusted lieutenant and best friend Scot Dillon is the man for the job, he must chase Jake Tierny and take him back in custody. Scot is a human hybrid who has a hard time being around humans and refuses his Antousian nature. Now he must track one of his own. But when Scot finds out Jake took Hope with him, the hunt becomes personal. Nobody takes the woman he loves and get away with it.

FBI linguist Hope Harper is almost blind, but she refuses to let that stop her joining the people she love in the war to defend mankind. Now Hope learns the Refarians doctors can cure her blindness as well as her diabetes. But she doesn’t want to make that decision before she finds out what the dreams mean she is having about her and Scot Dillon. Now she finds herself running with a man called Jake Tierny and wondering if she could love two men at the same time.
Will she be able to make her choice between Scot and Jake?

Parallel Seduction is the third novel in the Midnight Warriors series and the novels are getting better and better. Deidre Knight has created a fabulous world with alien races and humans. It will keep your attention all the way through the book.

The main characters Scot, Hope and Jake are strong personalities and determined to do the right thing.
Jake Tierny, a warrior from the future who is determined to find the traitor in the King’s camp and will not stop until he finished the job. But he didn’t count on meeting Hope, the only woman he ever loved.
Jake knows he cannot turn to his own time, when he discovers that Hope is in danger. The only right thing to do is help her.
Scot Dillon, a lieutenant and best friend of King Jared is assigned to the job to track down Jake Tierny and bring him back in custody so they can find out who he is and what he knows. But the hunt gets personal when Jake kidnapped Hope, the only woman Scott ever loved.
Hope Harper, a FBI linguist is nearly blind but that doesn’t stop her joining the battle with the Refarians. Lately she is having dreams about Scot Dillon, the man who saved her life once and is determined to find out what that means. Only know she is running with Jake Tierny, a gorgeous warrior from the future. Is it possible to love two men at the same time or does she has to make the decision and pick one of them?

As secondary characters we see some returning personages. King Jared and his Queen Kelsey are fabulous, the scenes between them are great and I hope to see that continue in the future novels.
Marco and his wife Thea, he is the loyal guard of the King and Queen and she is the King’s cousin.
And last but not least is Anna, one of the security guard of the Refarians and the best friend Scot could ever have.

Although I’m not a huge fan of time travel and aliens novels I found myself comfortable on the sofa, reading this book with real curiosity. I really believe Deidre Knight did a great job creating a world where everything is possible, even mixing two species together. This novel contains all the stuff you need for a good story, a big and strong bond between the hero and his heroine, some third personage to shake things up and of course the enemy.
The next book in the Midnight Warriors series is Parallel desire and I cannot wait to see what will happen next.


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