dinsdag 4 maart 2008

Karen Marie Moning - Bloodfever

MacKayla “Mac” Lane is still in Ireland, hoping to discover who killed her sister Alina and slowly coming to terms with her newfound powers. She can see the Fae walk among the humans in their true form…evil. But Mac also can sense Faerie objects of power and now she’s tracking down the most important of the Unseelie Hallow’s, the Sinsar Dubh, a book of black magic that will turn the world upside down.

Mac gets help from Jericho Barrons, who seems to be human and a little more. He is a man with a lot of knowledge and Barrons trains and teach Mac with her new powers. Mac is not quite convinced, does Barrons help her to deal with her powers or does he do this for his own good. Although Barrons seems to be on her side, Mac suspects him of a hidden agenda and don’t trust him completely.

But there are others who want Mac on their side. V’lane, one of the Death by Sex Fae wants Mac to help him find the book and give it to his Queen Aoibheal and save the line between humans and Faeries. Mac doesn’t trust V’lane either because every time they see each other her clothes keep disappearing. But she cannot ignore the fact that V’lane is on her side and save her life when she need it the most.
Then there is the order, the other seers who give some little information to Mac and wants to lure her into their sisterhood. Mac is tempted, but she remains sceptic and trust nobody accept herself.
She doesn’t want to end up like her sister.

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning is the second novel in the Fever series. The story in this novel continues where the first novel left off and just like the previous novel I was lured right into the Fae world.

MacKayla Lane is healing from a previous battle with the Lord Master, but she is determined to find the murderer of her sister Alina and to find the Sinsar Dubh book.
Mac is thorn between two gorgeous men, who both want her help them find the book. Mac is not sure whom she can trust, but both men keep saving her life, so that should say something.
Jericho Barrons is the owner of the bookstore where Mac is working during the day. He is a real bully, orders Mac around and pushes her very hard to do things.
V’lane, the Death by Sex Fae is the other gorgeous male who helps Mac. Although Mac finds her clothes disappearing whenever he is near, V’lane is there when she needs him.

I really love to read about the struggles Mac have with Barrons and V’lane. They are both determined to get Mac on their side and want to make the other male look foolish. But Mac doesn’t trust neither of them, although they keep looking out for her, but they holding back a lot of information.
But a third party wants Mac’s help, other seers want Mac to join their sisterhood. Of course Mac is tempted but not quite sure about it.

I honestly can say I found this story interesting, especially to see the heat between Barrons & Mac, but also between V’lane & Mac. I’m curious to see which male ends up with Mac, or maybe there will be a third party who win over Mac’s heart.
So I’m looking forward to see what will happen in the next novel.

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