dinsdag 18 maart 2008

Kathryn Smith - Night of the Huntress

In 1307 during a raid six warriors fulfilling their duty to King Philip and country find a cup they believe is the Holy Grail. When one of them got mortally injured they decided to drink from the cup to cure all of their ailments, but they soon realize it is the Blood Grail. Now all of them transform into vampires, the creatures of the night. When the vampire warriors finally turn to the church for guidance, they all got new names and became protectors of the Blood Grail.

After losing one of their friends to the madness of the Blood curse and saw him burn in the sun, the others vampires decided to split up and live alone. One of them is Bishop a real fighter, he is asked by a very good Fae friend to find her brother who disappeared not long ago. Bishop is searching the area near his home and falls into a trap made by the vampire huntress and her men. They are tracking him for quite some time now and it seems their work finally paid off. Bishop fights his way through the group but cannot win because of the poison they gave him.

Marika Korzha and her band of men search for vampires and other creatures of the night with one purpose to find the vampire who murdered her mother, the one they call Saint. The only way to find Saint is to capture one of his friends and torture it until she gets the information she wants. And with some information she gets from the Order, Marika can track Bishop down. The only thing she has to do is deliver Bishop to them when she has the information she wants. Marika and Bishop are not prepared for the strong attraction between them, but Marika’s determination to find Saint may destroy not only herself but also Bishop and their newfound love.

The main-characters Bishop and Marika are both strong individuals and fabulous together. Bishop is still struggling with the death of his wife a long time ago and killed every man who murdered her. Now he lives among the humans and tries to keep them safe for the other creatures of the night. He couldn’t imagine being caught by the vampire huntress and fall in love with her.
Marika Korzha is a strong woman who knows what she wants in life. She is tracking down the creatures of the night and hope to find the vampire Saint who murdered her mother. Now she caught one of the friends of Saint and will do anything to get the information she needs. But what she feels inside cannot be ignored.

The Order plays another huge role in this series, they’re getting stronger each time you read about them. The tricks and manipulation they do to get what they want….the Blood Grail and its protectors, even if it means they have to use anyone in any way.
Of course we will meet Father Molyneux and Marcus Grey again, helping the vampire protectors as much as they can.

Night of the huntress by Kathryn Smith is the second novel in the Brotherhood of Blood series and again a fabulous story. Kathryn Smith really knows how to lure the reader into a world full of corruption, danger and determination. Again I found myself curling on the sofa reading the book and finishing it hours later.

What really surprises me is the way Kathryn Smith captures your attention and lures you into this fabulous story with so much ease. I really love the way she creates down the characters and their storyline. I can truly say I’m extremely excited to read the next book Taken by the night and see what will happen with Saint and his heroine.


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