woensdag 26 maart 2008

Bella Andre - Red Hot Reunion

Ten years ago in college Emma Holden dumped her best friend Jason Roberts, whom she secretly loved and married “the safe” Steve, a man her parents loved. But now her marriage is over and Emma discovers she never really loved Steve, because there is only one man who owns her heart. At their college reunion Emma hopes to see Jason again and is determined to get him back in her life. When Jason finally appears at the reunion, Emma is not so sure he will fall for her again.

Jason Roberts is a hunky celebrity chef with a TV show and even has even written some cookbooks. Now every woman wants him in their lives and beds. But he cannot forget Emma Holden, his college friend. Ten years ago she broke his heart and he has never really gotten over her. He plans on getting even with her no matter what and with the college reunion coming up; he knows exactly what to do. However, when the time finally arrives to break her heart he cannot do it and may just have lost the only woman he’s ever loved.

The main-characters Emma and Jason are great characters. Emma Holden is a young woman with her own business. Her marriage with her college boyfriend is just over and she realizes then she never really loved him. Because Emma always did what her dominate mother told her to do, she’s now sick of it and decides to take the matter in her own hands. She will go to the college reunion and convince Jason Roberts he is the true love of her life.
Jason Roberts is a gorgeous celebrity chef with his own restaurant. Back in college his best friend Emma Holden crushed his heart when she dumped him for another man. Now ten years later they see each other again at this reunion and he is determined to get even with her and plans to seduce her.

As secondary characters we see Emma’s parents Jane and Walter, a rich couple who lives by the standards of the rich community. Especially Emma’s mother Jane believes they have to live by the rules and she does everything to keep Emma in line. Even if this means forcing her daughter into a marriage she doesn’t want. Emma’s best friend since high school Kate is a strong woman who will do anything to see Emma happy. And she is not afraid to speak up her mind, especially against Jason and his best friend Rocco.

Red Hot Reunion by Bella Andre is another sexy novel with a great storyline. The way she wrote this story is fabulous. This novel lured me into a world of passion, hurt feelings and romance. I could really relate with the main-characters and their difficulties, my heart bled for Jason and his pain, but also for Emma and her struggles with her parents and her way of living.

I can truly say that this novel was one that kept me enthralled. Bella Andre has the talent to get the attention of the reader and hold it all the way through the book. She will definitely stay on my bookshelf.


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