woensdag 12 maart 2008

Bella Andre - Take me

Full-figured Lily Ellis has always had low self-esteem for letting her plus size body rule her entire life. Even Lily’s career as an interior designer has gone nowhere and her love life is not that great either. Her dreams have always been about Travis Carson, her best friend Luke’s twin brother. The three of them know each other since kindergarten, but for some reason Travis treats her like trash.
Now her younger sister Janica asks her to be a model in her fashion show, of course Lily doesn’t want to do it. But she cannot let her sister down and Lily finds herself in a very sexy red dress. Still in need for some moral support she calls Luke and asks him to come over and sit in the audience. Not knowing Luke received a call from the hospital and finds Travis instead.

Travis Carson never understood his twin brother Luke for always dropping everything when Lily calls. When Luke asks Travis to fill in for him, he agrees to go to the fashion show hoping to find a willing woman to share his bed that night. But something happens to Travis the moment Lily sets foot on the catwalk, wearing that sexy red dress and he knows he has to have her, only her.

After sharing one night full of passion with Travis, reality kicks in and Lily knows it was the dress and not the girl that did it for Travis and runs before Travis wakes up. But Travis is not done with her yet, he offers her a business deal to do the interior design for one of his client house in Tuscany style and take her to Italy for shopping. Travis is determined to find out why he cannot forget about Lily and the night they spend together.

Take Me by Bella Andre is a sexy novel with a great storyline. The moment I start reading this novel it held that attention all the way through until I closed the book. Bella Andre definitely knows how to write a great storyline with some fabulous erotic scenes. You can feel the vibration and sexual attraction between the main-characters as soon as they enter the bedroom.

The main-characters Lily and Travis are some great characters. Lily Ellis is a plus-size woman who is letting her full-figure rule her entire life. The only two persons in the world where she feels safe and secure are her sister Jacina and her best friend Luke Carson. Then one night she takes the model job in her sister fashion show and put on the sexy red dress. Lily doesn’t know that Travis Carson will be in the audience, the only man she ever loved but knew she can never have.
Travis Carson is a gorgeous architect who can get every woman he wants. When his twin brother Luke asks him to fill in for him at Jacina fashion show and be there for Lily, he hesitates, but he knows he will do anything for his twin. So Travis goes and hopes to find a willing woman to share his bed that night, not knowing that seeing Lily in that sexy red dress would turn his world upside down.

Both secondary characters Jacina Ellis and Luke Carson are fabulous characters. They will do anything to protect Lilly against the world and their cruelty. Even when Luke finds out that his twin brother Travis spend the night with Lily he is determined to protect her and warns his brother if he ever hurts Lily he would have to deal with him. Well that is real friendship to me.

This novel was one that kept me enthralled; the talent of Bella Andre is that she definitely knows to keep the attention of the readers. It is great to read about some plus-size woman proving that those of us with some tummy really can get a gorgeous hunk and find true love.


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