woensdag 12 maart 2008

Jaid Black - Deep, dark and Dangerous

Thousands of years ago, by edict of the gods, several Viking clans fled to the harsh, wintry Arctic and built a civilization deep below it in the earth's belly. The prophets warned them to keep to themselves, to stay below the ground, for one day the perverse Outsiders - those who dwell above the ground - would taint the laws of the gods and destroy themselves in the process. And then, once again, the Vikings would rule the entire world.

The modern Alaskan tundra is a rugged, largely unexplored terrain. The three kingdoms of the Underground, New Sweden, New Daneland and New Norway, continue to thrive, their ways and cultures untainted by time. The Vikings never go above the ground, with one great exception. They venture into the world of the Outsiders to hunt...


Madalyn Simons is an actress and after seeing her last movie, she is done with Hollywood. Madalyn is determined to disappear for awhile and moves to Alaska, far away from the Hollywood scene. The only person who knows where she lives is her little sister Drake. When Drake comes to visit her, they decide to take a tour on the snowmobile, see some whales and shoot some great pictures. Not knowing they took some pictures of three gorgeous Vikings who lives secretly underground and planning to stay hidden for the out site world.

Otar Thornsson and his two Viking warriors are tracking a traitor in the outsiders world, hoping to not been seen by them. But they don’t find the traitor but two females instead taking pictures of the wildlife and them. Otar knows he can’t take the chance of the two females running around talking about them.
So they hunt them down and take them underground do New Sweden, his home. Otar is thrilled to discover that one of the women is Madalyn, the actress he has been in love with for years.

When they reach the underground city Madalyn and Drake discover a whole new world, where women are few. There Madalyn and Drake both have a choice to make, they either marry two of the men who captured them or they will be placed on the marriage block and that means being sold to the highest bidder. So Madalyn chooses Otar, the gorgeous leader of the group. When the opportunity is there for Madalyn to return above ground to her old life, she has fallen for Otar. Will she decide to leave or will she stay?

Deep, dark and dangerous by Jaid Black is a great Viking story. The line between living in the world above ground and underground is huge. The way of living underground is simple and that is hard for the women who’ve been captured from above and used to luxury.

The main-characters Madalyn and Otar are fabulous together. Madalyn is an actress who is tired of being in the spot light and decides to move to Alaska. When her sister Drake comes to visit and they do a little sightseeing, both women couldn’t imagine being captured and taken underground to live with Vikings who everyone believed died long ago.
Otar Thornsson is one of those Vikings with gorgeous black hair and a great body. He and two of his men are above ground to capture a traitor, but finding two women instead. Otar cannot believe his eyes when one of the women is Madalyn, the actress he has been in love with for years. But will Otar see the woman who Madalyn really is or does he only see the actress?

As for the secondary characters you have Drake Simons, the younger sister of Madalyn, a woman who is not afraid to speak up her mind. Her big mouth puts her in positions she sometimes doesn’t know how to get out of it. I found myself smiling when I read those scenes.
Then you have Annika and Agetha, Otar’s mother and sister, both are very nice to Madalyn when she arrives and make her feel welcome in the strange world.

This novel is steamy and fabulous. This fantasy grabs your attention and takes you on a journey through the world of the underground Vikings. Who doesn’t want to be captured by some gorgeous Viking and wake up in his strong arms?


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