zondag 13 april 2008

Dawn Thompson - Lord of the Deep

Meg was accused of being a witch on the mainland and is now banished to the Isle of Mist, where she’s living with her Aunt Adelia and Uncle Olwyn. On the Isle she’s facing a fate of giving her virginity to the Shaman of a cult and to become a high priestess. But one night Meg looks out of her darkened window and sees some seals coming ashore. She is intrigued when she discovers they are not seals as they shed their pelts and turn into males and females. They are Selkies performing their mating rituals during the full moon. The Lord of the Deep is the gorgeous male who’s got Meg’s attention and without even knowing she calls out to him.

Simeon is the Selkie King, the Lord of the Deep. During the full moon his people will go up to the surface and performing their mating ritual on the beach. When an unknown cry reaches him, he cannot ignore it and finds Meg spying on them. Simeon is tired of his Selkie consorts and wants Meg instead. The only thing on his mind is a night full of passion. But Meg is different than the rest and Simeon wants to keep her in his life.

Is it possible for Simeon to find a way so that Meg can exist in his world under water?

The main-characters Meg and Simeon are great individuals. They both are strong and determined to save the other from any danger or harm.
Meg is accused of being a witch and lives separate from mankind, she is preparing herself to become a high priestess. But as soon as she sees Simeon on the beach with the other Selkies and later on his water horse, nothing else matters anymore. She wants him and nobody else.
Simeon, the Lord of the Deep is tired of his Selkies consorts and is determined to make Meg his as he caught her spying on them during their ritual. The only problem Simeon has is to find a way for Meg to breath under water just like he does.

The secondary characters are quite interesting. Vega is Simeon’s older brother. Although Vega is older than Simeon, he is not in line for the throne this all because of his background. He is a half breed, half human-half Selkie. Meg’s aunt Adelia who teaches Meg everything she needs to know to become a priestess, but turns out to be one hell of an enemy. The Shaman Seth of the cult is a very bad man; he’ll do anything to get Meg in his bed especially when he sees what Meg is capable off.
And last but not least, there is Gideon, Lord of the Dark who saves Meg once from the evil Shaman and warns Simeon to take better care of Meg or he will claim her for his own….God what a man.

Lord of the Deep by Dawn Thomson is the first novel in this series and it is a great one. She has written a very hot and steamy erotica novel mixed with myths. The myth says, the Selkies enchanted people of Scotland, were beautiful men and women who came ashore to take a human lover. But the romances were doomed because they couldn’t stay on shore for long.

I have to warn you, if you hope to find a historical love novel, you’ll be disappointed. Although the story is a myth, it is definitely an erotica novel and the love scenes are hot and very steamy. You’ll find some fireworks between the main-characters.

I have to say this book lured my attention with the world she created. Dawn Thompson pulled me right into the story and I was curious enough to finish it. The next one in line will be Gideon, The Lord of the Dark and I’m eager to read more about him.


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