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Sydney Croft - Tempting the Fire

Title : Tempting the Fire
Series : ACRO #5
Release date : July 2010
Publisher : Banham Publisher
Genre : Paranormal Erotica Romance

ACRO boss Devlin sends two of his female agents to the wild Forest of the Amazon, after an unusual animal attack. Sela hast the ability to read thoughts and emotions while having sex and she also has a background in studying extraordinary animals. Marlena was cursed as a young woman, she will fall madly in love with a man after she slept with them, but they will never give her love back.

Chance is a Navy Seal who’s the only survivor of the attack in the Amazon. He has been captured by Logan and his team, who has an agenda of his own. Logan is heir to a huge weapon corporation and this creature that attack Chance might be the ultimate weapon.

Both men couldn’t expect to find these two beautiful women in the Forest of the Amazon, interested in them, but they should have known better then only looking at their looks.

Tempting the Fire by Sydney Croft is the fifth novel in the ACRO Series and another hot steamy instalment. I’m already a huge fan of this series from the first novel and it stayed that way through all the books. Sydney Croft created a fabulous world, where great characters have amazing gifts.

This book is a little different from the previous novels, because it has two couples finding their love. First I thought it would be difficult to follow their own storylines, but I was wrong.

First couple is Sela and Logan, she’s send to capture this mythological creature under a low profile and if that means using her sexual gift, than so be it. Logan is in the forest for the same reason, catching this creature so his father’s company can use it as a weapon. The moment he meets Sela he knows that she is trouble, but during their journey they discover, that they need each other to save Chance.

Second couple is Marlena and Chance; Marlena doesn’t have a gift like Sela, but she can be useful in other ways. It appears she is the only one who can calm Chance down, especially when the transformation starts, turning him into one of those creatures. Chance doesn’t know what is happening to him, but it seems the creature inside him wants Marlena as his mate and luckily for them Marlena’s curse has no effect on him.

ACRO’s rival agency is breathing in their necks, because they want those creatures too, including Chance. They all will have to work together to keep Itor one step behind them.

Just like in all the previous novels Annika and Creed are the secondary storyline (or in this case the third storyline). I loved the fact that their story is being told through all the books, of course I believe they deserve their own book, but I’m happy to see how things has been for them.

There will be one more book in this series and I know that the final book is going to be awesome. It’s really going down between ACRO and Itor, so let’s hope the good guys are going to win.


Aurian zei

I have been hesitant to start this series, though the paranormal angle is calling my name. I thought it was too steamy for my tastes. What is your opinion on that?

Lady Caella zei

I have to say the scenes are very steamy, so if you don't like that then this isn't the series for you. I'm honest it has a lot of steamy scenes.

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