woensdag 20 april 2011

Lori Foster - When you Dare (ARC)

Title : When you Dare
Series : Men who walk the Edge of Honor #1
Release date : April 26, 2011
Publisher : Harlequin Books
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Dare Macintosh has been rescuing people from dangerous situations for quite some time now, but when his best friend Trace contacts him, telling his sister Alani is missing. She is probable kidnapped and move to Mexico as a pawn in human trafficking. Dare takes this very seriously, because Alani is like a sister to him, so he will go to Mexico and get her out of there safely. But Alani isn’t the only one going home with him; he has another “complication” in the form of Molly Alexander. She isn’t like the other women he set free from that trailer and his guts is telling him to keep her save until he knows more.

Molly Alexander is a romantic suspense author and her books are a total hit, they even want to make a movie about one of them. So live is good for her, but then one day some strange men kidnapped her on bright daylight and took her to Mexico. She fought them like a tiger and she has the bruises to prove it, but nothing worked. Quickly after her abduction she discovers that they don’t want to sell her like the other beautiful women, but she cannot seem to find out the real reason. Luckily for Molly this handsome stranger rescue all the women and he is determined to find out the truth.

When you Dare by Lori Foster is the first novel in her new series Men who Walk the Edge of Honor and my first novel by this author. Oh boy, what a wonderful surprise this was. I’m a real sucker for the macho kind of men, an alpha male and I can tell you that Dare Macintosh fits that profile.

Dare is a real protector, especially for the weaker ones, so when he finds Molly Alexander is abused state, he cannot help himself and wants to help her. There is just something about her that touches his soul and he will not rest until he finds out who is responsible.

Molly is a successful writer and her books are selling fantastic, but lately she has been receiving some “hate” mail, because some readers don’t always agree with her about the ending or the choice of characters. So Dare cannot ignore this when he investigates her abduction, but Molly has to admit her bond with her ex-fiancĂ© and even with her father and stepmother needs to be investigated too.

The chemistry between the two of them is there from the start, even though Molly full with bruises. She feels save when Dare is around and he cannot stop thinking about her when she’s not around. But he wants to give her some time to recover, before he even let her know how he feels about her. I really love that about Dare, so macho but still keeping his distance until she is ready.

I have to say that Lori Foster touched my curiosity and I want to know more about this series and I have to be honest I want to know more about her other books too. I know the next one in this series is about Dare’s best friend Trace and I cannot wait to see if he’s as macho as Dare is. And did I mentioned the steamy hot covers in this series, Oh Man, those are not very good for my heart, but hey who’s complaining about that.

If you love the macho alpha material and a strong determined woman who wants to survive her awful situation, then this is definitely the book for you.


Aurian zei

Wow Natasja, sounds like a great first book in a series. I have read this author a long time ago, time to pick her up again! Nice review.

Lady Caella zei

Thanks, I've never read anything by this author, so this book in the new series was a real surpise for me.

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