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Colleen Gleason - The Vampire Dimitri (ARC)

Title : The Vampire Dimitri
Series : The Regency Draculia #2
Release : April 2011
Publisher : Mira
Genre : Historical Paranormal Romance

Lucifer offered some men a curse/gift in a dream, what they didn’t realizing is what they were signing up for until they woke up the next morning with a mark on their back, the need for blood and a personal Asthenia “an Achilles heel or vulnerability”.

Vampire Dimitri Corvindale has become the guardian of the three Woodmore sisters, a job he isn’t looking forward too. Chas Woodmore is one of his friends and because Chas ran off with Cezar Moldavi’s sister Narcise, he has puts his three younger sisters in danger. The only protection they have is his name and strength. In the meantime Dimitri is looking hard to find a way to get rid of the mark on his back and be mortal again and looking after young women is a distraction he cannot afford.

Maia Woodmore isn’t happy with the decision of her older brother either, now she has to live with the Earl of Corvindale until Chas is back. She’s going to be wed soon to a wonderful loving man and then she can take her sisters in. But it becomes clear to her that their lives are in danger, when her sister Angelica is kidnapped. She knows that Dimitri is the only man who can keep her save, but will her heart survive this?

The Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason is the second novel in her Regency Draculia Series and another great addition in the series. The first part of the story overlaps the first novel, but I don’t mind because it you can see it from another point of view.

I was already eager to read Dimitri’s book after the first novel and I have to tell you I wasn’t disappointed. Dimitri is mysterious, strong and very determined to find a way to get rid of this mark and Lucifer, so he can be mortal again. You learn a lot about his past, why he became a vampire, his relationship with his jealous ex-lover and his growing affection for Maia Woodmore.

My first impression of Maia in the first novel wasn’t much, she was the older annoying sister and very demanding, but I have to say that she grew on me in her own book. She took care of her siblings when their parents died and their brother was travelling around the world. Now it’s time for her to settle down with a wonderful man, but her mind is travelling to her guardian more often than it should.

I loved her growing relationship with Dimitri and her trust at the end when he needed her the most, even though he didn’t want to admit it. The little twist of Dimitri’s jealous ex-lover was a fabulous addition. Although I loved bad-ass Voss in the first novel, I have to admit that this book was better; the connection between the main characters was more real, more romance. A must read for readers who love regency mixed with paranormal creatures.

Next will be vampire Narcise and I have to say that I’m looking forward to read her story. She has a past with Dimitri’s friend Giordan Cale, I believe their relationship ended horrible and I really want to know everything.


Aurian zei

No this is a series that doesn't tempt me in the least. But I do like your review about it.

Lady Caella zei

Thanks, sometimes it happens that a book or series doesn't tempt you.

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