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Larissa Ione - Sin Undone

Title : Sin Undone
Series : Demonica #5
Release date : August 2010
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Sin is a master assassin and also the only living female Seminius demon. But her touch is deadly; she can create a virus and spread them among others. She’s close to her twin-brother Lore, but has a hard time to accept her other three newfound brothers. Recently she has been feeling guilty about unleashing a deadly virus among the wargs aka werewolves. In order to find a cure for this “Sin virus”, she has to work together with all her brothers or it might destroy all the wargs and maybe even humans.

Conall Derghul is a dhampire, half-vampire, and half-werewolf and happens to be a paramedic at the Underground General Hospital. He and Sin has a fling awhile ago, but went separate ways since then. Now it seems she is responsible for the virus that is killing his friends and he’s asks by her older brother to team up with her to stop this virus, before it’s too late.

Sin Undone by Larissa Ione is the fifth and final novel in her Demonica Series and a fabulous way to end this series, it was completely satisfying.

The chemistry between Sin and Conall was already there when they met in the Underground General Hospital in Lore’s novel. I have to say those two are still explosive together, but Connall is struggling with the fact that Sin is responsible for the virus under the werewolves, the very virus he seemed immune for. We all know Sin is dealing with the whole assassin business and for some reason she’s punishing herself for the past and present. But with the love of her brothers, yes even Wrath and now Connall who wants her as his own, she is able to deal with that all and start looking towards the future.

Just like all her brothers and their wives, the path Sin and Conall had to take wasn’t easy, but we all know that love conquers all.

It was sad to realize that this novel is the last in the Demonica Series, but luckily for us Larissa Ione has a spin-off series Lord of Deliverance and hopefully we will see them back there.


Aurian zei

Another serie I have jet to start reading, but the fact that this is a last book, sure makes it easier to start it.
Nice review Natasja.

Lady Caella zei

OMG, you haven't read the Demonica series...damn woman, you are in for a treat when you finally does.

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